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Washington State University Known Issues

Issue Resolved: Time blocks overrides not functioning to pay student employees from multiple sources

Known Issue: The process to pay hourly employees with different funding sources in Workday was not working as expected, so these employees have been paid from their costing allocation funding source instead. We recommend following the guidance in this matrix to ensure that hourly employees with different funding sources are being paid from the right one.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved » More …

Issue: Grant PI report not working

Known Issue: The report CR GRA PI Award Lines Financial Summary is not working at this time. We are investigating this issue. We recommend that grant mangers run the report CR GRA SPS Award Lines Financial Summary instead.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown.

Details: We are aware that some grant managers are having issues running the report CR GRA PI Award Lines Financial Summary in Workday. We are investigating this issue and will post an update or resolution when we have more information. In the meantime, we recommend that grant managers instead run the report CR GRA SPS Award Lines Financial Summary.

The purpose of both of these reports is to show a financial summary of the award broken down by award line/grant worktag, including award overview details, budget, expenses, commitments/obligations, available balance, revenue, amount billed, and unbilled expenses. They also include percent spent or encumbered. Results are filtered based on your security role assignments.

Issue Resolved: Workday Knowledge Base search limitations

Known Issue: We’ve resolved a longstanding issue resulting in Workday Knowledge Base users’ inability to view inclusive search results for articles and training materials.

Details: Users may now enter article titles, keywords, and labels in the search field, and will receive comprehensive search results across the entire Workday Knowledge Base.

Visit the Workday Knowledge Base and start searching!

Issue Resolved: FY21 Spend commitments liquidated in FY22

Known Issue: We’ve corrected the issue where available balances in FY22 appeared inflated in reports that included commitments.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved.

Details: A timing issue with fiscal year end resulted in spend commitment liquidations processed between July 1 and July 12 having the potential to liquidate a commitment within FY22, but the corresponding FY21 commitment did not carry forward, leaving a negative commitment in FY22. This may have caused available balances for FY22 to appear inflated in reports that include commitments. Modernization and the Controller’s Office worked together to resolve the issue using a journal (JE0000067477), and are discussing how to avoid a similar issue in future fiscal years.

Issue Resolved: FICA exemption integration

Known Issue: The FICA exemption integration from myWSU to Workday caused some students to be incorrectly marked as non-exempt for the first FLSA sub-period of the first pay cycle of the fall. If a student should be exempt from FICA, we will move non-student hours to student hours or work-study to correct this.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Before next payday on 9/24/2021 » More …