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Washington State University Known Issues

Issue: Access to Review Time report

Known Issue: Access to the Review Time report in Workday has changed. An alternative report provides the same information: CR TTK Workers with Time Not Submitted or Approved.

Estimated Time to Resolution: N/A

Details: A security change has made the Workday delivered report Review Time unavailable for roles other than Time Approver. HR Partners and Time Keepers that were pulling this report should now pull the CR TTK Workers with Time Not Submitted or Approved report, which provides the same information.

Issue: Asset conversions

Known Issue: When we converted the Property Inventory from legacy systems to Workday, we used the funding Budget-Project to crosswalk the Coordinating Cost Center for the Workday asset. We’ve learned that this caused issues with assets that were ever transferred from their original department.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Mid-May. » More …

Issue: Don’t change PCard transactions with grant worktags after approval

Known Issue: Changing a PCard transaction that has grant worktags after it’s been approved causes imbalances in revenue and expenses.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown.

Details: We’ve learned that when a PCard transaction that has grant worktags is changed (edited) after it’s already been approved, the Award Cost Process is not triggered. This leads to imbalances in revenues and expenses. » More …

Issue Update: Payroll Results View disabled

Known Issue: Payroll Results View disabled due to a security concern.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown

Details: As reported previously, Payroll Results View has been disabled from the worker profile in Workday due to a security concern. To help you view data similar to what you were able to see with Payroll Results View, we have added a new tab to the worker profile called Payroll Results View from Journal Line. We have also created a report called CR PAY Payroll Results View from Journal Line.

We will continue to investigate and work to find solutions for Payroll Results View.

Issue: FICA exemption integration

Known Issue: The FICA exemption integration from myWSU to Workday was referencing the legacy service indicator dates. OASDI and Medicare (FICA) were incorrectly withheld from approximately 349 students and they were also paid as Non-Student Hourly instead of Student Hourly.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Service indicator dates for the integration have been resolved. Refunds will be processed on April 10, 2021. » More …