New Employee Orientation training now available on-demand

To ensure new WSU employees have timely access to New Employee Orientation, System Orientation, and Benefits Orientation training modules are now available on-demand in Percipio. System Orientation will be available online to all new employees, as well as Benefits Orientation.   WSU Retirement orientation for Civil Service and Administrative Professionals and Faculty remains available via registration, […]

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May training materials update

Recent changes include instructions for new request types and service desk tickets, information about Holiday credits for nonpermanent employees, Adaptive Planning access, new Workday Concepts guides, and usability updates. Here are the new and updated training materials and resources for May: General Security Requests Workday Security Concepts: How it Works and How to Request Security […]

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Updates to Modernization site improve navigation, access to resources

The Modernization website is the home of information about Workday and related projects at WSU. As the site continues to grow, we’re working to improve this resource and meet the needs of the WSU community. Based on community feedback, we’ve made a series of updates to the website. These updates include: A new home page […]

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New Workday Concepts guides provide functional overviews

We’re working on a series of new Workday Concepts reference guides to provide further insight into specific work functions in Workday. Workday Concepts guides aim to provide greater visibility into process flows, and help employees understand how the tasks they perform function as part of a broader workstream. Currently, Workday Concepts guides are available for […]

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April training materials update

Recent changes include R1 Feature Updates, new reports, usability updates, new screenshots, updated security role information, and new guides. Here are the new and updated training materials and resources for April: General Tools and Navigation Using Workday Search Workday My Tasks (Inbox) and Notifications Workday Glossary Delegation Security Roles Helpful Tips for Reorganizations in Workday […]

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Adaptive Planning testing in progress, training available soon

Adaptive Planning is a tool that integrates with Workday to allow us to track and plan budgets using real-time data. To prepare for launch in April 2023, the Adaptive Planning project is currently performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT), as well as conducting training for future Adaptive users. Adaptive UAT began February 27, 2023. During testing, […]

March training materials update

Recent changes include Fair Chance Act, updates to the Submit EIB Upload ticket, new screenshots, expanding existing guides, and making usability updates. Here are the new and updated training materials and resources for March: Finance Create External Committee Member HCM Modify Personal Information Hire Assign Organizations: Position Term, Company, Cost Center, Fund, Function, & Region […]

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Access training directly from Workday via Global Navigation

Employees may now access the training they need quickly and efficiently directly from Workday. We’ve added links to the following training and resources pages to the Global Navigation menu: Workday Essentials for Employees Workday Essentials for Managers Workday for Faculty Workday for Finance Workday for Human Resources Workday for Payroll Reporting in Workday To access […]

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Explore new Workday training pages

We’ve developed a set of new training pages to help Workday users access the training they need quickly and easily. Explore new pages for finance, human resources, and payroll professionals, and reporting in Workday. Or, view essential training for faculty, managers, and general employees. Visit the Workday training page for more training and resources.

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Changes to reference guide titles

We’ve updated the titles of two reference guides to provide clarity about their contents, and make them easier to locate in the Knowledge Base. Based on user feedback, we’ve changed the title of Create Spend Authorization to Create, Approve, Change, or Close a Spend Authorization. Additionally, the guide previously titled Create Expense Report is now titled Create, Approve, Change, […]

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