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Washington State University Reporting

October 2021 Report Updates and Enhancements

New field in CR PRO Find Requisitions

To help requestors see if their requisition was successfully sourced and received without having to drill into the requisition and purchase order lines, we added a new field called Fully Sourced and Received. This field displays “Yes” if both of the following conditions are true:

  1. All requisition lines have been sourced to a purchase order, and
  2. All purchase order lines have been received.

The field returns no value for all other conditions.

Procurement Card reports updated

The following reports used to return incorrect values for the fields and/or prompts for Cardholder Cost Center and Procurement Card Data Entry Specialist when the worker retired or was terminated. We’ve updated the fields to return the correct cost center.

  • CR PRO Find Procurement Card Transactions
  • CR PRO My Procurement Card Transactions Not Verified
  • Dashboard – Area Financial Officer and Cost Center Manager
    • Worklet – Procurement Card Transactions Not Verified
  • Dashboard – Procurement Card Reports
    • Worklet – Aging Procurement Card Transactions
  • CR PRO Aging Procurement Card Transactions 

Line Memo added to CR FIN Find Internal Service Delivery Lines

We added Line Memo as a column on the report.

New report: CR FIN Find Bank Statement Lines

We copied the Workday-delivered report Find Bank Statement Lines and added a new prompt called Addenda Keyword(s)  that allows you to search the addenda for the exact text entered.

Budget date field added to spend authorization

As of the September 2021 Feature Release, you can now select a budget date on spend authorization lines, providing you with the flexibility to determine which budget period the spend applies to. This eliminates the need to wait to submit spend authorizations until the budget period starts, making it easier to manage your planned spend and improving budgetary balance reporting. » More …

Gift report updates

We’ve renamed the report CR GFT Budget to Actuals Summary to CR GFT Gift Summary. This name change is to reduce confusion, because this report shows both endowed and spendable information. It will be used to find all details associated with gifts and underlying programs rather than to find remaining spendable. » More …

Avoid new payee option in expense reports

With the latest update, Workday added the option to create expense reports for non-workers, on behalf of students. However, WSU will not use this option since we don’t process student financial transactions in Workday. You’ll see help text added to the Create Expense Reports for Non-Workers task and any reports involving expense reports to remind you not to use this option. Here is what it looks like in Workday: » More …

Issue Resolved: Constrained proxy resolves retro period access issue

Known Issue: As reported previously, Retro Period information was removed from several reports due to security concerns. A new process called constrained proxy restores access to this information.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved.

Details: Constrained proxy is a new Workday feature that allows you to run specific Workday reports as another person. Because you’re using the other person’s security roles, you’ll see additional data in those reports, including the Payroll Results Line details that include the Retro Period information that was removed due to security concerns. Learn more about constrained proxy and which reports are available here.