New Workday dashboard for Grants Managers

A new dashboard for Grants Managers, Dashboard GRA Grants Administrator, is now available in Workday. Those assigned the Grant Manager role will be able to use the dashboard to see various worklets, including Terming Awards, Overdue Invoices, and Expiring Costing Allocations containing information for the awards they manage. There are two tabs, Financial and Personnel/Other, […]

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November reporting update

Below are the new and updated reports for November 2023: Human Resources CR HCM Incomplete Onboarding Tasks This new report provides details of incomplete onboarding tasks. Onboarding tasks are critical to faculty and staff, and in some cases, incomplete onboarding tasks are a compliance concern. Please use this report to ensure all onboarding tasks are […]

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New report helps identify employees with incomplete onboarding tasks

Did you know we have over 5,000 WSU employees with one or more incomplete onboarding tasks? Department personnel performing HCM tasks can use the new CR HCM Incomplete Onboarding Tasks report to identify individuals with incomplete tasks from their area’s supervisory organizations. With this knowledge, department staff may then reach out to their area’s hires […]

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Three helpful reports now available on Award Headers for all awards

Grant Managers and Principal Investigators (PIs) can now access three helpful reports from the Award Header for all awards. These reports include Budget to Actuals, Revenue Reconciliation, and Cost Share. Directly from an Award Header under the Additional Reports tab, Grant Managers and PIs can now more quickly and easily: View cumulative budget to actuals […]

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Calendar Planning & Best Practices resources

It’s easy to remember the tasks and reports we run every day, but what about those critical events that happen less frequently? We’ve developed resources to help you better plan for the following key HCM and finance events in Workday: Weekly Monthly Quarterly Semesterly Annual Do you know which reports and processes you need to […]

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November training materials update

Recent changes include functionality updates and new guides for the Elevating Cougs conference, Open Enrollment, Grant information in the Award Header, and usability updates. Here are the new and updated training materials and resources for November: General Find Who Holds Which Workday Support Roles for your Employee Record Paylock Checklist for Departments Security Roles Workday […]

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October reporting updates

Human Resources CR HCM Faculty without Academic Appointments This new report is available for select academic groups and returns any faculty member without any academic appointment(s). CR ACA Academic Appointees This new report is now available for select groups. It returns academic appointees and all current appointments including tenured and tenure track faculty, non-tenure track faculty, […]

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Two reports help identify unrecorded bank statement lines

Modernization and the Controller’s Office have worked together to develop two reports to assist in the process of claiming unrecorded bank statement lines. The following reports are now available to departments: CR FIN Unreconciled Bank Statement Lines This report can be used to identify new bank statement lines which have not yet been recorded. This […]

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October training materials update

Recent changes include functionality updates from September’s Workday Feature Release updates, and PCard approval process enhancements. Here are the new and updated training materials and resources for October: General Workday My Tasks (Inbox) and Notifications How to Access and Navigate the Expenses Hub Finance Procurement Card Transaction Verification Create External Committee Member Grants Create Award […]

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Workday Success Stories: Workday makes planning easier for WSU departments

From daily tasks to important annual events, Workday enables departments to more easily plan for and conduct activities across all functional areas. Since the launch of Workday, WSU staff and the Modernization team have worked together to determine timelines for Finance and HCM events that occur on a monthly, semester, or yearly basis. Through integrated […]

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