Security in Workday


Security in Workday is how the system ensures the right people have access to the data and processes they need, without compromising confidentiality or initiating incorrect process routing.

Workday Security is based on assigning Security Roles, each of which has different capabilities and supports specific functions. For example, an HR Partner is an HCM role that can initiate and approve certain processes and see a variety of HCM data. The View Financials Data Only role can only run certain reports and cannot initiate or approve business processes.

Security Essentials

Watch the Elevating Cougs Understanding Security Roles in Workday session replay.

The following reference guides provide guidance for Security Partners and others looking to understand Security in Workday.

Info for Security Partners

The Workday Security Concepts: How it Works and How to Request Security Access Reference Guide includes information for:

  • What Workday security is and how it works
  • Security terms and definitions
  • Security considerations for new and separated employees
  • Detailed information for important Security Roles
  • List of helpful security related reports

How to Submit a Security Request

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Where’s my Security Request?

Run one of the following reports to find the status of a security request:

  • In-progress requests: CR ACT Requests in Process
  • Completed requests: CR ACT All Requests

Important Security Roles

Learn about important security roles, including what each role does and links to relevant reference guides.

As additional security role guides are created, they will appear here.