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Washington State University Payroll

Your first paycheck from Workday: Understanding Changes

Over the last year, Modernization and the WSU Payroll Services Department worked together to run multiple comprehensive comparisons of payroll in both the Workday and legacy systems, and have identified several key changes that employees should be aware of before they receive their first check. Here’s what you need to know before your first paycheck in Workday arrives on January 11, 2021: » More …

Time, Leave, and Workday

Workday’s launch is quickly approaching. Here are answers to your top questions about time and leave.

What happens on December 16 when Workday launches?

  • All employees will begin entering time off in Workday.
  • Overtime eligible employees (including hourly!) will begin entering time worked in Workday.
  • Make sure to enter your time worked starting with the beginning of that week (December 13) into Workday, even if it duplicates what’s on your paper time card.
  • Enter all your time off and leave for the month of December into Workday, even those that occurred before December 16.

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