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Washington State University Payroll

Issue Resolved: FICA exemption integration

Known Issue: The FICA exemption integration from myWSU to Workday caused some students to be incorrectly marked as non-exempt for the first FLSA sub-period of the first pay cycle of the fall. If a student should be exempt from FICA, we will move non-student hours to student hours or work-study to correct this.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Before next payday on 9/24/2021 » More …

Workday time entry change

Overtime eligible salaried employees will notice a change to the Workday time entry process beginning September 1.

Moving forward, the auto fill feature on the Workday time entry calendar will be disabled. Both “Auto fill from Schedule” and “Auto fill from Prior Week” will be deactivated.

This update is being made to reduce the frequency of errors and overpayments. » More …

Issue Resolved: Constrained proxy resolves retro period access issue

Known Issue: As reported previously, Retro Period information was removed from several reports due to security concerns. A new process called constrained proxy restores access to this information.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved.

Details: Constrained proxy is a new Workday feature that allows you to run specific Workday reports as another person. Because you’re using the other person’s security roles, you’ll see additional data in those reports, including the Payroll Results Line details that include the Retro Period information that was removed due to security concerns. Learn more about constrained proxy and which reports are available here.

Constrained proxy for retroactive payroll reporting

New process resolves retro period access issue, allows you to run reports on behalf of another person in Workday

Do you use the following reports on a regular basis?

  • CR PAY Payroll Accounting Journal Details – In Progress Payroll (aka PEARS)
  • CR PAY Expenses for Completed Pay Cycles/Periods
  • CR PAY Payroll Accounting Detail

You can now access retroactive (retro) pay information in these reports using a new process called constrained proxy. » More …

Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) to post August 10

Summer Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR) for students will post with the August 10 paycheck.

Employees will see this listed on their payslips as a contribution made on their behalf. Departments will see the charge hit their budgets on August 10 as well as in their Budget to Actuals or grant reports.

Issue Resolved: Time blocks overrides not functioning to pay student employees from multiple sources

Known Issue: Units have been completing payroll accounting adjustments to ensure that hourly employees with different funding sources in Workday are being paid from the right funding source. Going forward, units should refer to this documentation to decide on the best course of action for them.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved. » More …

New cellular device policies

Recently, the Washington State Office of Financial Management (OFM) updated their policies regarding employee cellular device allowances and hardware. WSU has updated BPPM 85.45 and 55.70 in order to comply with the new OFM guidelines, and have created new cell phone allowance agreements in Workday. These updates will impact employees who currently receive cell phone allowance or hardware.

If you receive a cell phone allowance and are impacted by this change, you will be contacted by your department administrative personnel with more information, and to complete next steps.

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