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Washington State University Finance

Removing encumbrances associated with hourly employees

Currently, many departments manually adjust encumbrances in Workday for hourly employees to make these commitments appear more accurate. These adjustments are necessary because of the constant change to the number of hours worked.

We are currently working on a change that will remove all encumbrances associated with hourly employees from Workday, to ensure that commitments are accurate.

See other major changes on the Monthly Workday Updates Schedule, or read about detailed updates.


Workday listening session responses posted

Hearing from the WSU community about their experience using Workday is key to guiding planning efforts.

Throughout Fall 2021, Modernization Team members from Finance and HRS conducted a series of listening sessions with Area Finance Officers (AFOs) and administrative managers from each University area. These listening sessions provided the opportunity for in-depth discussions about issues facing Workday users across the University.

During the sessions, Modernization Team members documented common issues, pain points, and questions brought forward by the AFOs and administrative managers on behalf of their area employees. From this list, we have compiled several tables, highlighting suggested areas of improvement by workstream. View the detailed tables.

What is the Fee Assessment worktag in Workday?

The Fee Assessment worktag is used in Workday to show whether Project, Program, Gift, Grant, or Cost Center revenues are subject to the Administrative Service Charge (ASC) per BPPM 30.16. The Fee Assessment worktag contains two values:

  • ASC Exempt, which indicates the account’s revenue is not subject to the service charge, and
  • ASC 8, which indicates the account’s revenue is subject to the service charge.

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Fix for registered assets not impacting revenue or F&A

You may have noticed when running reports (such as Award Budget to Actuals) that when an asset is registered in Workday, it looks like an expense is removed and then reposted. This is because when the Supplier Invoice to acquire the asset is approved, it creates an expense on the grant, which appears in reports. When the Controller’s Office registers the asset, it creates what’s called an allocation, which also shows up in reports. » More …

F&A encumbrance project underway

The Modernization Team activated an integration on November 1 to begin encumbering budgeted F&A in Workday. The process to implement the change will take about a week to complete. Starting November 8, principal investigators and those supporting research administration will see F&A showing as an obligation when they view their grants and run reports, providing a more realistic remaining balance. For more details about this project and reports you can run, read here.

Small update to asset disposal process

If you’re disposing assets, you might notice a new disposal type: “Other.” This disposal type is reserved for use by the Controller’s Office, to support lease equipment. Assets marked “Other” will route to the Central Business Asset Accountant, who will approve or deny them. Department users should not use this new category, and instead use a different category type for equipment.

For questions, please see the Dispose Asset Reference Guide.