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Washington State University Gifts

Gift report updates

We’ve renamed the report CR GFT Budget to Actuals Summary to CR GFT Gift Summary. This name change is to reduce confusion, because this report shows both endowed and spendable information. It will be used to find all details associated with gifts and underlying programs rather than to find remaining spendable. » More …

New gift resources

Several new resources help explain commonly asked questions about gifts and endowments. You can find all of these in the Workday Knowledge Base.

New Knowledge Base articles:

The Workday Glossary is also updated with new terms, including Gift, Donor Contribution, Endowed Gifts, Current Use Spendable Gift, Gift Classification, and Quarterly Distributions.

New Gift Fee account

We created Ledger 6073 – Gift Fee on Endowments so gift fees associated with endowment contributions would be tracked in a separate ledger account. This will help in reporting by excluding amounts relating to endowments from the calculation of remaining spendable values available.

With this change, fees previously posted to Ledger 6071 – Administrative Fees Expense were reclassified to Ledger 6073- Gift Fee on Endowments, if the fee related to an endowment contribution. This adjustment was processed May 19, 2021. » More …

Month end close approaching

Month end close for March is approaching, and there are 188 manual accounting journals that are still open. Please either cancel or make sure these journals are approved by close of business on April 5. This is when General Accounting will close the month of March. » More …

Issue Resolved: Some portions of gift revenue in endowed gifts should not have been reclassified

Known Issue: Some portions of Gift Revenue in Endowed Gifts should not have been reclassified from Ledger 4500 to 4510. We have corrected this issue.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved

Details: Last week we became aware of an issue with gift revenues, which we have resolved. Beginning balances for gifts are now correct, and the Gift Budget to Actuals Report should work as expected.