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Time Entry Summary now includes additional time types

The Summary section of the Time Entry Calendar now includes additional time types. The summary report now includes information about earned compensatory time and earned holiday in lieu. These types of time were formerly all included in the general “other” category but now are specifically broken out by type. Time approvals will also now include […]

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March Feature Release recap

Workday issues two major updates, called “Feature Releases,” per year. The first Feature Release of 2023, also called “R1,” took place March 10-11. This Feature Release included a variety of improvements to My Tasks, and in areas in finance, time and leave, reporting, and human resources. Read more about the following key Feature Release updates […]

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Workday delays release of Expenses Hub

We’ve delayed the release of the Expenses Hub, originally scheduled to be part of the March 10-11 Feature Release. During testing of the Hub’s functionality, Workday found some features weren’t working as intended, and have removed the launch of the Expenses Hub from the R1 Feature Update. WSU intends to take up this functionality when […]

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March reporting updates

Here are the reporting updates for the month of March. Human Resources CR REF Academic Units This report is now available and returns a list of Academic Units. CR TTK Workers With No Time Entered  This report went through maintenance to fix some defects. We added a column for worker’s current hire date. Finance CR […]

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Benefits and Pay Hub makes maintaining benefits easier

Beginning March 11, employees will have access to a new Benefits and Pay Hub in Workday. This new hub provides a single location for employees to review and maintain their benefits, payroll and compensation information, as well as access related tasks and reports. The Benefits and Pay Hub allows employees to: View their current benefit […]

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New Expenses Hub makes managing expense tasks easier

The new Expenses Hub centralizes expense tasks and reports to help employees address pending expense actions quickly and easily. This new hub will be available on March 11 as part of the Workday Feature Release. From the Expenses Hub, employees can access tasks to create expense reports and spend authorizations, and travel-related payment elections. The […]

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Update to common Time and Absence reports

On March 11, the column names for several commonly used Time Off and Absence reports, such as Time Off Results by Period, will be updated. The column formerly titled “Ending Period Balance Including Pending Events” will be changed to “Balance at End of Period (Includes Events Awaiting Approval).” This change does not affect the information […]

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March Feature Release improves Period Activity Pay

With Period Activity Pay (PAP), the March Feature Release increases your control over payment schedules on period activity assignments. Users can now modify the schedule and override default payment and hours amounts, as well as placing PAP on future dated positions, while still retaining the ability to change and add PAP on current positions. Please see […]

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Enhanced spend authorization process for employees with multiple positions

Beginning March 11, a new functionality enables you to link spend authorizations with specific positions for workers who hold multiple positions. During the March Feature Release, Workday will enhance routing for expense transactions, now enabling you to associate spend authorizations with specific positions when workers hold multiple positions. Spend authorizations will be routed for approval […]

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Find tasks faster using new search capabilities in My Tasks

The upcoming Feature Release will improve My Tasks, formerly the Workday Inbox, by enhancing search capabilities. These enhancements to search will help users more easily access important, frequently used tasks. Beginning March 11, a new Advanced Search feature enables users to search for tasks using additional parameters, making it easier to find specific tasks. Users […]

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