September reporting update

Here are the reporting updates for the month of September. Human Resources CR COM Positions Missing Compensation This new report helps departments find employees who may not be paid by identifying positions missing current compensation plan assignments. Current Period Activity Pay assignments are also included in the report, to help identify those employees missing compensation […]

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New receipt scanning feature in Workday Mobile

An upcoming receipt scanning feature in Workday Mobile will make the process of adding receipts to expense reports quicker and easier. Beginning September 10, WSU employees will use a new OCR, or Optical Character Recognition tool, to photograph or upload legible images of receipts to Workday using the mobile app. This new technology scans the […]

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Workday revamps inbox with requested new features

As part of the fall Feature Release on September 10, Workday is making significant updates to the inbox to improve layout and give users more options for organizing and navigating their tasks. New features include: The name of the Workday Inbox changing to “My Tasks” A new inbox-specific search field Filters that are easier to […]

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Updates to Global Navigation display

An upcoming update to the Global Navigation display makes it easier to find and access some features and menus on the Workday home page.  Starting September 10, the Global Navigation icon, located in the upper left-hand corner of the Workday home page, will now feature the word “Menu” to help users locate the icon and […]

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Payroll Prompt changes

On Friday, September 9th, we’ll update prompt labels for the reports listed below: CR PAY Employee Hours for OSHA 300 Reporting CR PAY Payroll Accounting Detail CR PAY Payroll Accounting Journal Details – In Progress Payroll (aka PEARS) Examples of updates include changing “Periods” to “Period” and removing “or leave blank for all”. We are […]

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Tax 2.0 project moves forward

The Tax 2.0 Project will streamline and simplify how Workday calculates taxes. Work on Tax 2.0 continues, with launch coming in October 2022. Beginning October 1, the requirements for entering and calculating sales and use tax will be simplified. Workday will calculate sales or use tax on the following: Requisitions Purchase Orders Supplier Invoice Requests […]

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Update makes org charts more accessible

Starting September 10, Workday org charts will be easier to view and understand. This enhancement, part of the latest Feature Release, improves quick navigation, enhances color contrast throughout the entire org chart, and adds accessibility options to make the org chart easier to access and use. To learn more about the upcoming Workday Feature Release, […]

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Work continues on Adaptive Planning Project

Adaptive Planning is a budget tracking and planning tool that integrates with Workday. It will enable us to forecast budget models and make smarter decisions based on real-time data. We’re currently in Phase 2, working on bringing Adaptive Planning online for the project team, and testing the integrations and data between Adaptive Planning and Workday. […]

One-time gross-up payments

If requesting a one-time payment that is a gross-up, you must have this submitted and approved on or before the last day of the pay period in which it is to be paid. If you request a one-time payment gross-up in a retro period, or if the one-time payment gross-up is not approved on or […]

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Security updated for Complete Federal Withholding Elections process

We’ve made a couple changes to how different Workday security roles interact with the Complete Federal Withholding Elections process to streamline cancellations and reduce confusion. Employees can now cancel this process on their own When a new employee onboards, they are prompted to complete their federal withholding elections. The employee can now cancel this business […]

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