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New OBIEE report for Workday values

The OBIEE Modernization Crosswalk is a report in OBIEE that will help in the transition to Workday. OBIEE is WSU’s data warehouse.

This OBIEE Crosswalk Report allows users to look at values from our current Chart of Accounts and view their corresponding Foundation Data Model value in Workday. OBIEE is available to all WSU employees with their Network ID and password.

Access the OBIEE Crosswalk here. For steps to access the report, visit the Reference Guide.

Screenshot of OBIEE Crosswalk Cost Center Hierarchy tab. Converting cost center values to Workday.
Screenshot of OBIEE Crosswalk accounts tab.

Final Steps for the Test Stage 

The Modernization Team would like to thank the testers who took part in User Acceptance Testing (UAT).  UAT helps make sure that Workday functions as designed.

There were 1,709 recorded participations in UAT. This number accounts for the number of people in attendance and includes the same person attending multiple sessions. There were 418 test scenarios scheduled for UAT.

Testers also piloted and provided feedback on Reference Guides to ensure readiness for training.

As of 9/21, there were 226 defects logged for HR. 189 defects were resolved, and only one of the 37 unresolved defects has a severity of High. There were 113 defects logged for Finance. 85 defects were resolved, and only 6 of the 28 unresolved defects have a severity of High.

Like with End-to-End (E2E) testing, Modernization Team analysts have to resolve all outstanding high-severity defects, and have a plan in place to address any remaining medium and low defects, in order to complete UAT.

Once we complete the Test Stage, we will enter the Deploy Stage, which begins in October.

Although Workday may not be perfect at launch, we’ll work together to overcome any challenges like we have during the Test Stage. This will lead us to a better Workday.

Read more about the Test Stage here:


Ready for Workday? Check with this checklist

The Modernization team has put together an Employee Readiness Checklist to help you prepare for the launch of Workday. Below is a summary of this checklist, which you can download and fill out here.

Workday Training Catalog now live

Modernization is excited to share the new, interactive catalog for Workday training. The Modernization Team made a training catalog that will help you find the appropriate training for anything you need to do in Workday.

You can search the training catalog and filter results by training focus and security role. The titles for training materials display in the form of hyperlinks. The hyperlinks route you directly to the training course in Skillsoft (the University’s learning management system) or step-by-step Reference Guides the Workday Knowledge Base.

Learn more about Workday training by visiting the Training web page and reading other training-related articles at

The future of receivables

When WSU transitions to Workday in January 2021, receivables will go through some changes. This article will review current processes, as well as what you can expect for the future of receivables, receipting, and grant billing. » More …