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Washington State University News

Issue: Access to Review Time report

Known Issue: Access to the Review Time report in Workday has changed. An alternative report provides the same information: CR TTK Workers with Time Not Submitted or Approved.

Estimated Time to Resolution: N/A

Details: A security change has made the Workday delivered report Review Time unavailable for roles other than Time Approver. HR Partners and Time Keepers that were pulling this report should now pull the CR TTK Workers with Time Not Submitted or Approved report, which provides the same information.

Issue: Asset conversions

Known Issue: When we converted the Property Inventory from legacy systems to Workday, we used the funding Budget-Project to crosswalk the Coordinating Cost Center for the Workday asset. We’ve learned that this caused issues with assets that were ever transferred from their original department.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Mid-May. » More …

New Create Customer Request process

A new process allows any employee to request creation of a customer in Workday. The Create Customer Request process replaces two potential processes that departments may currently be using:

  • The Create Customer request form in the Workday Service Desk
  • The Create Customer business process in Workday, which can only be initiated by those with certain security roles.

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