2024 Fiscal Year End memos, dates, and resources

2024 Fiscal Year End cutoff dates and memos are now available on the General Accounting website. Modernization has also created a reference guide which includes relevant reference guides and helpful reports for fiscal year end actions and reporting needs in Workday. Explore the guide here. These resources were previously distributed to the Controller’s Office listserv. To […]

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Highest Degree information now required for faculty job applications

To support accreditation reporting, a Highest Degree field has been added to Workday job applications for Faculty candidates. Previously, Faculty candidates did not have an option to submit Education/Degree information within their job application, and could only supply this information in their CV or other application documents. Moving forward, Highest Degree earned will be required […]

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Improved PI Dashboard now live

Improvements to the existing PI Dashboard, “Dashboard GRA Principal Investigator,” are now live. These improvements are in response to Principal Investigator (PI) and Area Finance Officers (AFO) feedback regarding the need for faculty to be able to view state account and grant balances in a single convenient location. Learn more about these changes here. Principal […]

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Register now for Adaptive Grants Forecasting Office Hours

Office Hours for Workday Adaptive Grants Forecasting will be offered weekly from May 16 through June 13, 2024. For further session details and to register for Office Hours, visit Percipio. These support sessions are primarily intended for those who holding Grant Manager or Grant Principal Investigator security roles in Workday to discuss and address questions […]

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May training materials update

Recent changes include updates to Time and Leave guides for the new Absence Calendar experience and to Academics and Staffing guides for the new Contract Length field. Here are the new and updated training materials and resources for May: HCM Add or End Additional Job Add an Academic Appointment Change Job (Employee or Contingent Worker) […]

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HRS no longer performing Time & Leave audits for separated employees

Beginning May 1, 2024, HRS will no longer perform full-scope audits of time and leave for separated or terminated civil service and administrative professional staff, and faculty. Prior to the implementation of Workday, manual audits of time and leave for separated or terminated employees were conducted. These audits involved reviewing paper time and leave reports […]

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Faculty Contract Length now required field in Workday

The field “Institutional Reporting Faculty Contract Length” has been added as a required value on staffing actions including Hire, Add Additional Job, and Change Job in Workday for all non-tenure-track instructional staff, for all contracts including both formal and informal agreements, at-will employment, teaching periods, and more. This field is not required for Faculty Overload/PAP […]

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May reporting updates

Below are the new and updated reports for the month of May. Human Resources CR TTK Hourly Employee Hours and Estimated Cost This report has been updated to include sick leave hours, estimated cost of sick leave hours, and total columns for hours and estimated cost of total hours. CR REC Recruitment New fields were […]

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Improvements to look and feel of reference guides coming soon

We strive to continuously improve our Workday training and reference materials to make it easier and faster to find the information employees need. In response to community feedback from the recent Training and Communications survey and several workgroups, we’re making improvements to the look and feel of Workday reference guides, beginning May 2024. These improvements […]

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