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Issue Resolved: FICA exemption integration

Known Issue: The FICA exemption integration from myWSU to Workday caused some students to be incorrectly marked as non-exempt for the first FLSA sub-period of the first pay cycle of the fall. If a student should be exempt from FICA, we will move non-student hours to student hours or work-study to correct this.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Before next payday on 9/24/2021

Details: In order to capture the correct student FICA status for the last pay cycle of the summer, 8/1/2021 to 8/15/2021, The FICA exemption integration for the fall 2021 term was run on 8/20/2021. If a student entered time from 8/16/2021 to 8/19/2021 and should have been exempt from FICA, their hours were paid as non-student hourly. If exempt from FICA, any hours entered after 8/20/2021 would have been paid as student hourly or work-study.

If the student should have been FICA exempt from 8/16/2021 to 8/19/2021, we will move non-student hours to student hours or work-study hours (if eligible). No action is needed from the student or department.

To resolve this issue in the future, we are shifting the FICA exemption validation in Workday from Time, Leave, and Absence to Payroll.

Updates to Travel Reference Guides

After receiving feedback from the community, we’ve updated the Reference Guides for several Travel and Expense processes to ensure their accuracy and ease of use. Specifically, there are detailed steps on how to complete specific expenses items (e.g., air transportation. per diem, lodging, etc.) and new reports to support Central Travel Account Card (CTA) reconciliation.

Check out the updated guides:

Create External Committee Member

Create Expense Report

Reconciling a Central Travel Account Card (CTA) Transaction

Create Spend Authorization

If you have questions regarding the processes above, reach out to the Payments Team via the Workday Support Desk.

Budget date field added to spend authorization

As of the September 2021 Feature Release, you can now select a budget date on spend authorization lines, providing you with the flexibility to determine which budget period the spend applies to. This eliminates the need to wait to submit spend authorizations until the budget period starts, making it easier to manage your planned spend and improving budgetary balance reporting. » More …

Update to lodging exception list

We have updated Lodging Exceptions for ease of selection within the Travel Expense Report. In order to better align with the BPPM, the numbers corresponding with each selection have been removed, and a comprehensive definition of each selection has been added. You can view the new definitions in Workday, and in the screenshot below. » More …

Gift report updates

We’ve renamed the report CR GFT Budget to Actuals Summary to CR GFT Gift Summary. This name change is to reduce confusion, because this report shows both endowed and spendable information. It will be used to find all details associated with gifts and underlying programs rather than to find remaining spendable.

To find spendable balances, please use the new report CR GFT Spendable Balance Summary. The following endowment-related ledger accounts are excluded from this new report in order to display only those ledgers where the funds are available to spend:

  • Ledger 4510 – Gift Contributions Endowed Funds
  • Ledger 4640 – Endowment Buy-in
  • Ledger 6073 – Gift Fee on Endowments

Avoid new payee option in expense reports

With the latest update, Workday added the option to create expense reports for non-workers, on behalf of students. However, WSU will not use this option since we don’t process student financial transactions in Workday. You’ll see help text added to the Create Expense Reports for Non-Workers task and any reports involving expense reports to remind you not to use this option. Here is what it looks like in Workday: » More …

New Search Options for Grants Users

Grants users have typically had to set their search preferences to All of Workday in order to see grant /award results, which can increase time spent performing searches, and can be frustrating.

Following the Feature Release on September 10-11, grants users can find all search results related to Grants Management in the Grants category when they use global search. » More …

Workday Tips & Tricks: View More Processes

“I’ve found (View More Processes) very helpful to be able to review processes that I don’t initiate frequently to remind myself of what I did previously, to find specific actions that are related to current ones that are still in progress and to remind myself of when certain tasks were initiated/completed. Plus, it’s an amazing reminder of just how much we’ve each accomplished in Workday since 12/16/20!” –Sara Rauch, WSU Workday User » More …