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Washington State University News

January 2018 Update

Contract Negotiations with Workday

After a competitive and thorough procurement process, WSU named Workday as the apparent successful software vendor. WSU will be joining a large number of universities who use or are implementing Workday to support their core finance, payroll and human services activities, including: Cornell University, Arizona State University, Louisiana State University, Brown, Carnegie Mellon University, Nevada State Higher Education System, Penn State,  University of Virginia, The Texas A&M University System, University of Miami, University of Rochester, University of Southern California, University of Texas at Austin, University of Washington, and Yale.

WSU and Workday have begun early contract discussions. » More …

Intent to Award Announced

WSU recently completed a competitive RFP process for finance and human resource software (ERP), and has announced Workday as the apparent successful vendor. The selection was reached through a rigorous evaluation of written proposals performed by the 13-member evaluation team, broad feedback and input on software demonstrations from hundreds of faculty and staff across the University, reference checking with other institutions, and consultation with the Modernization Initiative Steering Committee. » More …