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Changes in Workday to support travel reimbursement deadlines

Beginning in February 2022, expense reports submitted past the deadline of 60 days will include a new step requiring the employee/traveler to acknowledge the travel being reimbursed will impact their taxable income.

The 60-day deadline is an IRS requirement, and WSU’s Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM) section 95.20 states that “Employees who do not meet this deadline are reimbursed under a nonaccountable plan and the total expenses are reported as additional income with applicable payroll tax withholdings.” This means employees can expect to see an increase in taxes withheld and a decrease to their net paycheck.

For questions, please contact the Payments Team.

Issue Resolved: Time blocks overrides not functioning to pay student employees from multiple sources

Known Issue: The process to pay hourly employees with different funding sources in Workday was not working as expected, so these employees have been paid from their costing allocation funding source instead. We recommend following the guidance in this matrix to ensure that hourly employees with different funding sources are being paid from the right one.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved » More …

Issue: Grant PI report not working

Known Issue: The report CR GRA PI Award Lines Financial Summary is not working at this time. We are investigating this issue. We recommend that grant mangers run the report CR GRA SPS Award Lines Financial Summary instead.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown.

Details: We are aware that some grant managers are having issues running the report CR GRA PI Award Lines Financial Summary in Workday. We are investigating this issue and will post an update or resolution when we have more information. In the meantime, we recommend that grant managers instead run the report CR GRA SPS Award Lines Financial Summary.

The purpose of both of these reports is to show a financial summary of the award broken down by award line/grant worktag, including award overview details, budget, expenses, commitments/obligations, available balance, revenue, amount billed, and unbilled expenses. They also include percent spent or encumbered. Results are filtered based on your security role assignments.

New resources for Grant Administrators

The first Workday Reporting for PIs training session was held Tuesday, January 18.  The resources from that session, including video demonstrations, may be helpful to Grant Administrators; therefore, we’ve made them available at the links below.

» More …

Update to Effort Certification business process routing

We have a review step in the Effort Certification business process (BP) for the Effort Certification Reviewer security role that is not functioning correctly when an employee is working on Grants tied to multiple Cost Centers. We are changing the first step in the business process from a review step to an approval step. The change should remove confusion and significantly streamline business process workflow for Effort Certifications. One Effort Certification Reviewer per Cost Center will approve the Effort Certification after reviewing it.

Visit the Feature Release Hub to learn about other enhancements coming with the latest Workday update.

New event series: Making Workday Work

Making Workday Work is a new series of events hosted by the Modernization Initiative. Each session will focus on a specific topic or question within Workday to address common questions and concerns.

Join us for our first Making Workday Work session on Wednesday, January 13 on Zoom to learn about encumbrances and how they function in Workday.

This short session will cover key topics relating to encumbrances, such as the difference between commitments and obligations, and a live demonstration on viewing encumbrances directly in the system.

Future Making Workday Work dates and topics will be announced soon. Subscribe to the Workday Digest and visit the Modernization events page to stay up-to-date on upcoming opportunities to learn and engage.

January reporting updates

Here are new and updated reports for the month of January.

New Reports

  • CR PRO Expense Reports Subject to 60 Day Tax Audit
    • Returns expense reports subject to the 60 day tax rule.
  • CR FIN Financial Related Worktags
    • Returns cost centers, projects, programs, gifts, and grants with related (allowed and default) worktags.

Report Modifications

  • Removed benefits, ledger accounts 5100 – 5150, from commitments and obligations for multiple reports. This change is related to core encumbered funds. Read more.
  • We’ve updated several reports to move the non-core initial budget from the Available Budget Amendments column to the Initial Budget column. Read more.

Improvement to reporting cost share on subcontracts

As of December 1, 2021, the business process for reporting subcontract cost share for grant management was updated so that when Sponsored Programs Services (SPS) creates a subcontract supplier invoice, they also create a journal for the subcontractor’s reported cost share at the same time. This enhancement will help to ensure the information is reported on the sponsor invoice in a timely manner.

The Create Request process in Workday is still an option for reporting subcontract cost share, if you prefer it. A link to the reference guide can be found here: Request 3rd Party or Subcontract Cost Share.

If subcontract cost share reported on an invoice was missed prior to December 1, 2021, please use the Create Request process in Workday to communicate this information to SPS so they can do a manual journal.

Update to non-core budget to actual reports

Beginning in January 2022, multiple reports will be updated to post the non-core initial fiscal year budget in the Initial Budget column, instead of the Available Budget Amendments column. Here are the affected reports:

  • CR FIN Non-Core Budget to Actuals with Encumbrances Summary
  • CR FIN Non-Core Budget to Actuals Summary

Learn more about the difference between core and non-core budgets.

This is part of the January 2022 Monthly Update. See other major changes on the Monthly Workday Updates Schedule, or read about detailed updates.