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Workday Success Stories: Workday makes planning easier for WSU departments

From daily tasks to important annual events, Workday enables departments to more easily plan for and conduct activities across all functional areas. Since the launch of Workday, WSU staff and the Modernization team have worked together to determine timelines for Finance and HCM events that occur on a monthly, semester, or yearly basis. Through integrated […]

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Emotional intelligence at work

When it comes to professional development, many work cultures place emphasis on advancing employees’ rational intelligence and technical skills. Practical and rational skill development is key to ensuring employees excel at their jobs and drives technical innovation in the workplace. However, leaders in business and higher education agree that another key type of intelligence is […]

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Elevating Cougs for departmental grants staff and PIs: at a glance

Departmental grants administration staff are essential to ensuring the accurate and timely management of millions of grant dollars awarded each year to WSU researchers. Staff and faculty holding roles including Grant Manager and Principal Investigator (PIs) perform a variety of grants-related tasks in Workday including: Costing Allocations Effort Certification Approving transactions and accounting adjustments Using […]

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Leading with curiosity at WSU

When asked to list important attributes in the workplace, curiosity might not be the first to come to mind. However, curiosity is key to seeking solutions to problems, creating positive change, and fostering advancement. WSU is home to thousands of curious minds, and that extends beyond academics: students, faculty, and staff contribute daily to the […]

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Workday Success Stories: Workday drastically reduces paper use

Prior to implementing Workday, WSU relied on paper-based processes to perform a broad range of business activities, contributing to considerable paper waste and reduced efficiency with lost forms and missing signatures. Since launch, we’ve been able to save money, time, and resources by eliminating paper from dozens of business processes. Reducing the use of paper […]

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Elevating Cougs for payroll personnel: at a glance

Employees performing payroll duties at WSU work hard throughout each month to ensure the staff and faculty in their departments are paid accurately and on-time. Employees holding varying finance and HCM security roles perform payroll-related tasks in Workday each pay period, including: Entering, correcting, and approving time and absence Assigning costing allocations Performing payroll accounting […]

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Register now for Elevating Cougs!

Registration is now live for the Elevating Cougs conference, which will be held virtually October 19 & 20, 2023. Elevating Cougs is a two-day conference experience offered by Modernization and HRS’ Learning and Organizational Development. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about Workday, develop their soft skills, and become more confident leaders via […]

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Embracing change in the workplace

In recent years, WSU employees have faced significant change in their daily work environments. These include large-scale institutional changes, such as the switch to Workday and the impacts of COVID-19, and smaller changes, such as those that come with the bi-annual Workday Feature Releases. Change can be uncomfortable, but learning to navigate change as part […]

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Elevating Cougs for managers: at a glance

Managers and supervisors at WSU perform a wide range of activities to help ensure their teams are successful at work, including: Managing and approving employees’ time and absence Approving travel and related expenditures Prioritizing and balancing their team’s workload Leading their team through change Facilitating conversations and resolving conflict Research included in the Myers-Briggs Conflict […]

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