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Changes in Workday to support 11-hour travel rule

This month, we implemented a new Workday enhancement to ensure compliance with the IRS 11-hour travel rule, which impacts reimbursements for meals during non-overnight, single-day travel. Employees who are in travel status for fewer than 11 hours during a single-day trip will not receive reimbursement for meals. Reimbursements for employees travelling over 11 hours are […]

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Change in processing for taxable travel expenses

Beginning with the June Workday monthly update, the departmental expenses associated with taxable travel (see BPPM section 95.20) will be charged to the active Costing Allocation assigned to the employee’s primary position. In the past, departmental tax expenses were charged to the worktags where the travel was originally charged. This change is being implemented simplify the process, and to prevent […]

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Issue Resolved: Per diem meal rates incorrect in Workday

Known Issue: Per diem meal rates were incorrect in Workday from October 1 until October 24, 2021, which affected any expense reports submitted during that time. We have fixed this issue, and employees will now be reimbursed. Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved. Details: As reported previously, per diem meal rates for the contiguous US were incorrect within Workday […]

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Text added to Spend Authorization about Public Health Service requirement

For awareness and to ensure compliance for grant-funded and research-related travel, we added help text to the Spend Authorization about the Public Health Service requirement. Similar language was in the Travel Authority in legacy. The new language reads: “RESEARCH-RELATED TRAVEL (See Executive Policy 27.) – Public Health Service Requirement for Significant Financial Interests – NOTE: If […]

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Changes in Workday to support travel reimbursement deadlines

Beginning in February 2022, expense reports submitted past the deadline of 60 days will include a new step requiring the employee/traveler to acknowledge the travel being reimbursed will impact their taxable income. The 60-day deadline is an IRS requirement, and WSU’s Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM) section 95.20 states that “Employees who do not meet this deadline […]

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Expense Report printing to become available

When Workday launched, expense reports could not be printed due to a configuration setup issue. We have addressed the issue and will activate the Print feature of Expense Reports. With this enhancement, the ability to print will now be available to users in Workday if a paper copy of an expense report is required for […]

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Explore new and updated Travel and Expenses resources

We’ve updated a broad range of Travel and Expenses resources to ensure their accuracy and ease of use, and created several new resources to provide further guidance on completing key processes. Check out the updated travel Reference Guides, explore a new handout to help you get started completing a Travel Expense Report, and watch the […]

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Updates to Travel Reference Guides

After receiving feedback from the community, we’ve updated the Reference Guides for several Travel and Expense processes to ensure their accuracy and ease of use. Specifically, there are detailed steps on how to complete specific expenses items (e.g., air transportation. per diem, lodging, etc.) and new reports to support Central Travel Account Card (CTA) reconciliation.

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Update to lodging exception list

We have updated Lodging Exceptions for ease of selection within the Travel Expense Report. In order to better align with the BPPM, the numbers corresponding with each selection have been removed, and a comprehensive definition of each selection has been added. You can view the new definitions in Workday, and in the screenshot below.

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