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Washington State University Procurement

Small update to asset disposal process

If you’re disposing assets, you might notice a new disposal type: “Other.” This disposal type is reserved for use by the Controller’s Office, to support lease equipment. Assets marked “Other” will route to the Central Business Asset Accountant, who will approve or deny them. Department users should not use this new category, and instead use a different category type for equipment.

For questions, please see the Dispose Asset Reference Guide.

Changes coming for Supplier Invoice Matching in Workday

The Create Receipt functionality will be enabled for services on Thursday, October 21. With this change, departments will follow a similar process to how they create a receipt for goods.

This new process will help to ensure expenses are paid after the service has been provided. We will provide more details about the benefits of this change and share links to updated resources soon.

Fiscal year end approaching

Fiscal year end for 2021 is our first year end closing with Workday. Central business offices are collaborating with Modernization and Deloitte consultants to develop guidance and deadlines to give departments as much time as possible to complete tasks while ensuring we stay compliant with state requirements. We’re working on detailed tasks and dates and will share this information by the end of May.

In the meantime, visit the new Fiscal Year End web page on the Modernization site for additional details, a general timeline, and the most up-to-date information going forward:

Issue: Don’t change PCard transactions with grant worktags after approval

Known Issue: Changing a PCard transaction that has grant worktags after it’s been approved causes imbalances in revenue and expenses.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown.

Details: We’ve learned that when a PCard transaction that has grant worktags is changed (edited) after it’s already been approved, the Award Cost Process is not triggered. This leads to imbalances in revenues and expenses. » More …