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Washington State University Modernization

Meet Our Team

The success of the Modernization Initiative depends on collaboration between business experts in Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, and Organizational Change Management. The WSU Modernization Initiative has built a strong team with leadership and experienced professionals each of these areas.

We collaborate with other areas of the University on projects that modernize our systems and processes.

Learn more about each member of our team below (select names for contact details and bios).

Project Leadership and Administration

Financial Systems

Joy Morton, Director, Financial Systems Modernization

Gerik Kimble, Associate Director, Financial Systems Modernization

Wendy Funke, Principal Assistant, Financial Systems Modernization

Organizational Change Management

Annie Riedinger, Change Management Lead

Human Resource Management Systems

Jennifer Klein, Director, Human Resource Management Systems Modernization

Tiffany DeMeerleer, Assistant to Director, Human Resource Management Systems Modernization


Information Technology Systems

Mike Corwin, Associate Vice President, Information Technology Systems and Project Technology Director

Tiffany DeMeerleer, Assistant to Associate Vice President Information Technology Systems

Project Team

Financial Systems

Christopher Conway
Business Analyst, Budget & General Accounting
Ken Dragoo
Business Analyst, Expenses
Christine Galbreath
Business Analyst, Grants
Kelsey Harris
Business Analyst
Ben Howard
Business Analyst, Payroll 
Brigham Hubbard
Lead Business Analyst, Payroll 
Carrie Johnston
Lead Business Analyst, Grants
Kameron Olsen
Business Analyst
George Rhodes
Lead Business Analyst, Procurement
David Rovetto
Business Analyst, Procurement
Lucas Sanchez     
Business Analyst, Payroll
Ty Simanson
Project/Grant Analyst
Jason Stucki
Reporting and Testing Lead
Joan Wilmotte
Business Analyst, Endowments, Banking & Treasury

Human Resource Management Systems

Emily Goodwin
Lead Business Analyst, Absence Management
Jodel Krumm
Business Analyst, Time, Leave & Absence
Jonathan Lee
Project Specialist
Jim Lowery
Business Analyst, HCM Core
Sabrina McPherson
Lead Business Analyst, Human Capital Management
Steven Perkins
Business Analyst, Benefits
Joe Wagner
Business Analyst, Compensation
Wendy Weber
Lead Business Analyst, Benefits

Information Technology

Stacy Combs
Data Conversion & Integrations
Bradley Dudra
Data Conversion
Michael Echanove
Business Intelligence
Noel Ellsworth
Joel Erickson
Caleb Ericson
Business Intelligence
John Ericson
Business Intelligence & Reporting
Justin Hughes
Data Conversion & Integrations
Chad Jeffreys
Corinna Lo
Business Intelligence
Jay Maylor
Data Conversion
Trent Nelson
Daniel Ornelas
Data Conversion
Kohdy Pierce
Application Security Administrator
Karl Riley
Data Conversion
Alex Saari
Technology Reporting
Mark Schemmer
Business Intelligence & Data Conversion
Brant Schroeder
Business Intelligence, Data Conversion, & Integrations
Gunjan Sinha
Systems Architecture
Jasen Skelton
Shane Smith
Josh Snook
Dawn Sparks
Data Conversion
Tom Woods
Senior Software Integration Architect
Bryan Titen
Data Conversion
Dave Whelchel
Cameron Zapf
Business Intelligence & Reporting

Organizational Change Management

Annie Riedinger
Change Management Lead
Emily Akin
Change Management Specialist
Emily Linroth
Communications Coordinator

Executive Leadership Team

Stacy Pearson, Vice President for Finance & Administration and Executive Sponsor

Sasi Pillay, Vice President of Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer

Matt Skinner, Senior Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration & Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Mike Corwin, Associate Vice President for University Information Systems

Theresa Elliot-Cheslek, Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer