Meet Our Team

We collaborate with other areas of the University on projects that modernize our systems and processes.

The success of our projects depends on collaboration between experts in Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Organizational Change Management. The WSU Modernization Initiative has built a strong team with leadership and experienced professionals in each of these areas.

Learn more about each member of our team below by selecting their name to read their bio.


Gerik Kimble
Director, Financial Systems Modernization

Jenna Allen
Business Systems Analyst, Procurement

Joel Bifford
Business Systems Analyst, Grants

Christopher Conway
Business Systems Analyst, Core Finance

Christine Galbreath
Lead Business Systems Analyst, Grants

Kelsey Harris
Business Systems Analyst, Procurement

Ben Howard
Business Systems Analyst Senior and Lead, Payroll

Kameron Olsen
Core Finance Lead

Karman Rosendahl
Business Systems Analyst, Payroll

Ty Simanson
Business Systems Analyst, Grants

Joan Wilmotte
Business Systems Analyst, Core Finance

Human Resources

Jennifer Klein
Director, Human Capital Management

Emily Goodwin
Lead Business Analyst, Time and Absence

Jodel Krumm
Business Analyst, Time, Leave & Absence

Jim Lowery
Business Analyst, Human Capital Management Core

Sabrina McPherson
Lead Business Analyst, Human Capital Management

Cenobina Patterson
Business Analyst, Human Capital Management

Steven Perkins
Business Analyst, Benefits

Hally Rohla
Business Analyst

Joe Wagner
Business Analyst, Compensation

Wendy J. Weber
Lead Benefits Analyst, Benefits/HCM Security

Information Technology

Brant Schroeder

Trent J. Nelson
Senior Application Developer

Daniel Ornelas
IT App Development – Senior/Specialist

Kohdy Pierce
IT Security – Journey

Organizational Change Management

Paul Fleming McCullagh
Manager, Change & Communications

Emily Akin
Senior Change Management Communications Coordinator


Jason Stucki
Reporting Manager

Ken Dragoo
Business Systems Analyst Senior

Modernization Support

Sarah Daniels
Administrative Assistant

Executive Leadership Team

Matt Skinner, Senior Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration & Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Theresa Elliot-Cheslek, Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer