Workday for Faculty

Important to Know

Workday launched on December 16, 2020.

All faculty are encouraged to review the Training Essentials for Employees to learn to perform essential tasks related to their pay, benefits, and personal information.

Faculty and staff must use Workday to manage personal employee information, access payslips and tax documents dated Jan. 1, 2021 and onward. Payslips and tax documents dated prior to Jan. 1, 2021 can be found on WebPBS.

Faculty who manage others can find a list of trainings on the Training Essentials for Managers page.

Workday Training


Training Essentials for Employees (web page with links to materials)


Grants Roadshow (Video Series)

Cost Share (Video)

Effort Certification for Faculty or Grant Principal Investigator (Video)

Award Budget to Actuals Dashboard Reports (Reference Guide)

Create Sponsored Account Request (Reference Guide)

Principal Investigator Video Resources (Reference Guide with video links)


Create and View Expense Report (Reference Guide)

Create Spend Authorizations (Video)


How to Delegate Tasks (Reference Guide)

Workday Reporting Guide: Using Workday Reports (Reference Guide)

Browse a selection of on-demand, recorded instructor-led trainings here or search for training guides in the Workday Service Desk

Handouts and Videos

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