Nonpermanent Positions

Updates to RCW 41.06.070 resulted in the creation of new employee types, including Nonpermanent Scheduled and Nonpermanent Non-scheduled, as well as changes to current employee types. WSU launched these new employee types on December 1, 2022.

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Overview: Nonpermanent positions

  • Nonpermanent refers to: Nonpermanent Scheduled (NPS) and Nonpermanent Non-Scheduled (NPNS).
  • Nonpermanent positions can be used for the following reasons:
    • A permanent employee is absent from a position
    • To address a short-term need
    • The nature of the work is sporadic and doesn’t fit a particular pattern
  • Employees may hold nonpermanent positions along with positions of other employee types or multiple nonpermanent positions.
  • The establishment of NPS and NPNS employee types affect other hourly employee types, including Professional, Student, and Non-student Hourly.
  • Nonpermanent employee types are available in Workday from December 1, 2022 for:
    • New hires starting December 1, 2022 or later
    • Existing temporary hires when their hours worked reach 1050

Learn more about how Nonpermanent employee types function and the impact to other employee types by visiting the Nonpermanent Employees FAQs page.