Fiscal Year End

Purchasing Services to close old purchase orders

Purchasing Services will mass close all purchase orders (POs) older than July 1, 2021, in Workday. This action will help clean up budgets, receipt accrual expenditures, and obligations. This will happen by June 30, 2022. Some purchase orders migrated from legacy did not get closed out, and there are large dollar amounts connected with these […]

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Issue Resolved: FY21 Spend commitments liquidated in FY22

Known Issue: We’ve corrected the issue where available balances in FY22 appeared inflated in reports that included commitments. Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved. Details: A timing issue with fiscal year end resulted in spend commitment liquidations processed between July 1 and July 12 having the potential to liquidate a commitment within FY22, but the corresponding […]

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Fiscal year end update: Carryforward

The initial core fund budgets for FY22 have successfully been loaded, and core fund carryforward and non-core fund budgets will soon follow. Please contact the Budget Office at if you have questions.

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Fiscal year end update: New date and details for carryforward

As part of fiscal year end close, core funds carryforward was scheduled for July 23. This will now occur on July 30 instead. As a reminder, FY2021 core fund budget amendments must be completed by noon tomorrow. Any in-flight budget amendments will be canceled at close of business on Friday, July 23 to prepare for the […]

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FY21 closed, roll forward complete

As planned, yesterday evening we closed fiscal year 2021 in Workday and rolled forward assets, liabilities, and retained earnings. You can now check balances in Workday. As a reminder, FY2021 core fund budget amendments must be completed by noon this Thursday, July 22. Core funds carryforward is scheduled to post this Friday, July 23. View […]

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Fiscal year end close schedule adjustment

We’re extending part of the fiscal year end schedule to give central units time to process financial activities that must be reported to the state. FY21 will still close in Workday today. What this does impact is the amount of time before you’ll see the roll forward of assets, liabilities, and retained earnings. We are […]

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Reminders: FY21 and FY22 both open in Workday

Happy New Fiscal Year! As of today, we have both FY2021 and FY2022 open in Workday. Please double-check to make sure you’re choosing the right dates and year as you finish up year end postings, and that you select the correct year when running reports. You can find all the fiscal year end deadlines and […]

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