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Washington State University Security

Increase to Workday Session Length

Currently, Workday automatically logs users out following a 15- to 20-minute period of inactivity.

Due to feedback from the University community, the Workday timeout will be extended to 30 minutes by February 3, 2021. This extension will help reduce the amount of time users spend re-authenticating and logging in to Workday, and bring Workday in line with other WSU enterprise systems (such as myWSU). » More …

Your first paycheck from Workday: Understanding Changes

Over the last year, Modernization and the WSU Payroll Services Department worked together to run multiple comprehensive comparisons of payroll in both the Workday and legacy systems, and have identified several key changes that employees should be aware of before they receive their first check. Here’s what you need to know before your first paycheck in Workday arrives on January 11, 2021: » More …

Workday training: What you need to know 

Here are answers to the top questions we get asked about Workday training.

Which Workday training should every employee take?

All WSU employees will have access to what is called Employee Self-Service functions in Workday. Employee Self-Service tasks include things like updating your address, checking your payslip, and entering time.

This Workday security role is called “Employee as Self.” Select “Employee as self” in the Workday Training Catalog to view all appropriate training for employees getting started with Workday. Visit this page for the top 7 recommended trainings for employees. » More …