Security updated for Complete Federal Withholding Elections process

We’ve made a couple changes to how different Workday security roles interact with the Complete Federal Withholding Elections process to streamline cancellations and reduce confusion. Employees can now cancel this process on their own When a new employee onboards, they are prompted to complete their federal withholding elections. The employee can now cancel this business […]

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Information about Workday security now in the knowledge base

To make information about using Workday easier to access and in a single location, we’ve moved information about Workday Security from the Modernization website into the Workday Knowledge Base. Learn more about roles and definitions, how to request or update your security, and security partners by area by searching “security” in the Workday Service Desk. […]

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Removing Award Analyst role from Workday

After successful testing with the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, we’re proceeding with removing the Award Analyst security role from Workday. This will streamline security roles and reduce administrative burden in Sponsored Programs Services (SPS). We are targeting May 31 for complete removal. Why remove the Award Analyst security role? The Award Analyst security […]

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Award Analyst security role to be removed

We’ve begun the process of withdrawing the Award Analyst role from Workday. The removal of this role will streamline Workday security roles and reduce administrative burden in Sponsored Programs Services (SPS). SPS and Modernization recommend the Financial Data View Only role for the purpose of viewing SPS reports, in place of the more limited Award […]

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New visibility into grants in reports

We’ve updated Workday so that everyone with the security role Financial Data View can now see more details related to grants in reports, including beginning and end dates. Here is an example of reports you can run with the Financial Data View role:

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Increase to Workday Session Length

Currently, Workday automatically logs users out following a 15- to 20-minute period of inactivity. Due to feedback from the University community, the Workday timeout will be extended to 30 minutes by February 3, 2021. This extension will help reduce the amount of time users spend re-authenticating and logging in to Workday, and bring Workday in […]

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Your first paycheck from Workday: Understanding Changes

Over the last year, Modernization and the WSU Payroll Services Department worked together to run multiple comprehensive comparisons of payroll in both the Workday and legacy systems, and have identified several key changes that employees should be aware of before they receive their first check. Here’s what you need to know before your first paycheck […]

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