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Washington State University Tips & Tricks

Workday Tips & Tricks: View More Processes

“I’ve found (View More Processes) very helpful to be able to review processes that I don’t initiate frequently to remind myself of what I did previously, to find specific actions that are related to current ones that are still in progress and to remind myself of when certain tasks were initiated/completed. Plus, it’s an amazing reminder of just how much we’ve each accomplished in Workday since 12/16/20!” –Sara Rauch, WSU Workday User » More …

Workday Tips & Tricks: Scheduled Weekly Hours and FTE

If you are in the process of hiring a new employee, or adding an additional job for an existing employee, pay close attention to the scheduled weekly hours you are entering on the action. This value calculates to the employee’s displayed full time equivalent (FTE), and should reflect the most accurate estimate of that value. HR has discovered FTE values in excess of 200%, which are generally not accurate, due to incorrect entry of scheduled weekly hours.

The data being entered in this field, as well as many other fields, all contribute to the accuracy of the employee record. This data is used to determine eligibility for various compensation, time, leave, and benefits plans, along with reporting within WSU and beyond. Please see the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Changes article and Change Job Reference Guide for more information.

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Workday Tips & Tricks: Tips & Tricks Series Reducing Frequency

Beginning the week of July 19, the Workday Tips & Tricks series will reduce its weekly publication frequency.

We’ll continue to publish Tips & Tricks articles on an on-demand basis to keep you up to date on the latest ways to streamline and optimize your Workday experience.

Visit the Tips & Tricks page to view all articles from prior weeks. Have an idea for a Tips & Tricks article? Send it our way.

Workday Tips & Tricks: Preferred names displayed in Workday

Searching for an employee in Workday?

You may have noticed a change in employee records over the past week. By popular request, if an employee has a preferred name in the system, the preferred name is now displayed instead of the legal name.

You can search for an individual using their legal or preferred name; however, their Workday profile will now display their preferred name. Member lists, such as supervisory organization, and reports where legal name is not a required field, will also display preferred name.

Please note, for preferred names converted from legacy, names with more than 8 letters may have dropped letters. Please review your preferred name and correct as needed. Directions can be found in the Modify Personal Information Reference Guide.

Workday Tips & Tricks: Do scheduled reports expire in your inbox?

If you have scheduled reports delivered to your inbox, you may notice that the links to those reports no longer work after a certain period of time.

Links to reports in your My Reports expire following a default period of 5 days after delivery. Scheduled reports may have different expiration dates, depending on how the schedule was set up. If the blue hyperlink has turned black, you’ll need to re-execute the report. » More …

Workday Tips & Tricks: Finding Roles Associated With Job Requisitions

Recruiters looking to find the security roles associated with a job requisition can do so easily through the Job Requisition Workspace.

A job requisition is a request to begin a recruitment to hire for a position in Workday. It provides details about the position, such as department, and compensation. All staff and tenured faculty positions require a job requisition.

Learn how to find roles associated with a job requisition in this Knowledge Base article.

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Workday Tips & Tricks: Edit grid preferences in a Workday report

Did you know you can make certain changes to the layout of reports in Workday? The ‘Edit Grid/View Preferences’ button allows you to re-organize and hide data columns when viewing reports in the Workday browser, so you can find and focus on the fields that are most important to you.

Learn how to use the ‘Edit Grid/View Preferences’ functionality by watching this quick Workday How-to video.

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