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Workday Tips & Tricks: Keeping your My Tasks (Inbox) clean

The Workday inbox, called My Tasks, includes tasks, approvals, due dates, and other items requiring action. With all the items that come through the My Tasks inbox, employees may encounter unwanted or unneeded items, such as old items that are incomplete that have been superseded by a new task. This Tips & Tricks post shares […]

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Tips & Tricks: Three ways to stay informed about Workday

Modernization offers a variety of options for accessing the latest news and updates about Workday to best suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for updates impacting a specific functional area or security role, or are simply curious about what’s new with Workday, explore the following ways to stay informed about Workday features, resources, reports, policies, […]

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Tips & Tricks: Three ways to find Workday reference guides

Workday Reference Guides can be accessed several ways. Whether you’re in search of a specific guide, or are simply browsing what’s available, one of the following platforms can help you find what you’re looking for. The Workday Service Desk If you’re looking for guidance on a specific process, or already know the title of the […]

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Tips & Tricks: View your Compensation Summary and History

Employees can now access their compensation information quickly and easily using the new Benefits & Pay Hub in Workday. The Compensation History and Compensation Summary apps inside Benefits & Pay allows employees to view the following: The compensation history for each position they’re paid for at WSU, including step increases (for Civil Service), salary increases […]

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Tips & Tricks: Delegations and Leave of Absence

Going on a Leave of Absence (LOA)? Will you need someone to perform tasks and approve actions on your behalf while you’re away? Employees going on a LOA have a variety of delegation options to ensure their tasks are completed while they’re out of office. Employees on a LOA may delegate access to their entire […]

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Tips & Tricks: Ensure your primary address is correct in Workday

Employees are encouraged to ensure their primary address in Workday is listed as the local or residential address they have while Working at WSU. Having a correct primary address in Workday is critical to: Proper collection of State income tax each payday Correct mailing of payroll checks and checks for travel reimbursements Correct mailing address for […]

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Workday Tips & Tricks: Review Timely Suggestions

The Workday home page uses the Timely Suggestions section to help remind employees of upcoming events and items personal to them. Be sure to review the Timely Suggestions section to keep up to date on items important to you. Timely Suggestions, located beneath the Awaiting Your Action section on the home page, displays cards unique […]

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Tips & Tricks: Check your Workday Announcements

Stay up to date by reviewing your Workday Announcements! We use Announcements to share key information and reminders with WSU employees, including messages for certain security roles about specific tasks or deadlines in Workday.   When you log into Workday, you’ll find your Announcements section at the bottom right-hand corner of the home page. Visit […]

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Tips & Tricks: Cancelling in-progress staffing and compensation events

Did you know initiators of staffing and compensation processes have the ability to cancel in-progress events in Workday? Learn how by reviewing the reference guide here. Questions about cancelling in-progress events? Submit a ticket at the Workday Service Desk. Visit the Tips & Tricks page to view more helpful ideas. Have an idea for a Tips & Tricks […]

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