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Washington State University Tips & Tricks

Workday Tips and Tricks: Learn about Service Dates

If you’ve ever looked at your own job profile in Workday, or are a manager who’s reviewed employees’ service dates, chances are you’ve encountered terms like Hire Date, Original Hire Date, and Continuous Service Date. If these terms have ever felt confusing, don’t worry—you can learn the definition and application of each type of service date WSU currently uses in Workday by reviewing the updated HR Dates in Workday guide, previously called Change Service Dates.

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Tips & Tricks: Time Entry, Absence, and Work Schedule calendars

Within Workday Time, Leave, and Absence, three different calendars are available to overtime eligible employees to perform different tasks.

  • Time Entry calendar for entering and submitting time worked and time off*.
  • Work Schedule calendar for reviewing work schedules and requested and approved absences. Note: while you can see absences on this schedule, you cannot edit them from this calendar.
  • Absence calendar for reviewing any requested and/or approved time off or leaves of absence*.

Learn more about how to access and use each of these calendars in this Reference Guide. » More …

Workday Tips & Tricks: View More Processes

“I’ve found (View More Processes) very helpful to be able to review processes that I don’t initiate frequently to remind myself of what I did previously, to find specific actions that are related to current ones that are still in progress and to remind myself of when certain tasks were initiated/completed. Plus, it’s an amazing reminder of just how much we’ve each accomplished in Workday since 12/16/20!” –Sara Rauch, WSU Workday User » More …

Workday Tips & Tricks: Scheduled Weekly Hours and FTE

If you are in the process of hiring a new employee, or adding an additional job for an existing employee, pay close attention to the scheduled weekly hours you are entering on the action. This value calculates to the employee’s displayed full time equivalent (FTE), and should reflect the most accurate estimate of that value. HR has discovered FTE values in excess of 200%, which are generally not accurate, due to incorrect entry of scheduled weekly hours. » More …

Workday Tips & Tricks: Tips & Tricks Series Reducing Frequency

Beginning the week of July 19, the Workday Tips & Tricks series will reduce its weekly publication frequency.

We’ll continue to publish Tips & Tricks articles on an on-demand basis to keep you up to date on the latest ways to streamline and optimize your Workday experience.

Visit the Tips & Tricks page to view all articles from prior weeks. Have an idea for a Tips & Tricks article? Send it our way.