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Washington State University Grants

F&A project coming this November

Modernization has identified a gap in grant and award reports regarding F&A encumbrances. In legacy, the encumbrance occurred automatically. Unfortunately, Workday doesn’t have the ability to encumber F&A organically, which resulted in additional calculations needing to be done by grant managers, and PIs weren’t able to use their reports to view accurate available balances without manually encumbering F&A.

The first week of November, we are activating an integration which will encumber budgeted F&A and show this as an obligation on your grant reports. We are beginning the process on 11/1 and it will take about a week for the initial run to complete, and then it will run daily. Any grant that has expenditures will be impacted. Any grants that haven’t had expenditures charged to them won’t have the F&A encumbrance calculated until the first expenditure posts.

Starting November 8, you should be able to run the CR GRA SPS Award Budget to Actuals Summary report or the CR GRA SPS Award Lines Financial Summary report and see remaining F&A showing as an obligation, giving you a more realistic remaining balance. Principal Investigators can run the Grant PI-focused reports: CR GRA PI Award Budget to Actuals Summary and CR GRA PI Award Lines Financial Summary.

New Search Options for Grants Users

Grants users have typically had to set their search preferences to All of Workday in order to see grant /award results, which can increase time spent performing searches, and can be frustrating.

Following the Feature Release on September 10-11, grants users can find all search results related to Grants Management in the Grants category when they use global search. » More …

Reminder: Certify effort

The following message went to the Research Admin Community (RAC) from Sponsored Programs Services on June 15.

As we approach the mid-point in the Spring 2021 effort period’s certification window, I want to share that, as of last night, we’re sitting at 33% certified.  The deadline for certifying effort for Spring 2021 is July 20, 2021.  After that point, grant worktags associated with uncertified effort will be inactivated until all associated effort is certified.  Inactive grant worktags will not allow spend of any kind to post to them. » More …

Effort certification demo on June 3

As you are probably aware, the effort certification process kicked off last Friday on May 21. Since this is our first effort certification process in Workday, we know you may have questions.

Please join us for an effort certification demo and Q&A at our next open office hours on Thursday, June 3, from 2-3 p.m. Here is the Zoom link:

Note: This information also went directly to Effort Certification Reviewers.

Effort Certification process starting soon

Our first effort certification process in Workday kicks off this Friday, May 21. With the implementation of Workday, we combined the two summer periods in legacy to one period, reducing the certification process to three times per year. Principal Investigators (PIs), especially those with large research portfolios, should expect to receive notifications in their Workday inboxes for each non-faculty employee paid on their awards.  Faculty paid on awards will certify their own effort. PIs and Faculty will receive action items in their inbox after their Effort Certification Reviewer does the initial review. These will be summarized each day in their automated Workday Daily Digest email.

Here are some resources to help with the effort certification process: » More …

Fiscal year end approaching

Fiscal year end for 2021 is our first year end closing with Workday. Central business offices are collaborating with Modernization and Deloitte consultants to develop guidance and deadlines to give departments as much time as possible to complete tasks while ensuring we stay compliant with state requirements. We’re working on detailed tasks and dates and will share this information by the end of May.

In the meantime, visit the new Fiscal Year End web page on the Modernization site for additional details, a general timeline, and the most up-to-date information going forward:

Reminder: Process open accounting journals by April 28

It’s nearly month end close, which means it’s time to process or cancel your open accounting journals. Journals that are in the “In Progress” status prevent the month from being closed. Please process or delete any In Progress journals by the end of the day on April 28. This includes journals that have been sent back for corrections.

To find In Progress journals, run the Find Journals report in Workday with the following fields populated: » More …

Issue: Don’t change PCard transactions with grant worktags after approval

Known Issue: Changing a PCard transaction that has grant worktags after it’s been approved causes imbalances in revenue and expenses.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Unknown.

Details: We’ve learned that when a PCard transaction that has grant worktags is changed (edited) after it’s already been approved, the Award Cost Process is not triggered. This leads to imbalances in revenues and expenses. » More …