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Washington State University Testing

Update on UAT 

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is off to a rapid start, with WSU community members going through scenarios to test Workday. Testers include members of the University such as Change Network Super Users. There are close to 350 testers. » More …

Preparing for User Acceptance Testing  

The Modernization Team is configuring another build of Workday for WSU specifically for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The process used is similar to setting up other testing builds, such as the one used recently for End-to-End (E2E) testing. The new UAT build will include lessons learned from previous builds of Workday, and fixes for defects that testers found in E2E.  » More …

Testing update: One week, 834 scenarios

A man in a blue shirt clutches his chin, deep in thought. Another man wearing a blue shirt and grey jacket sits next to him in a computer lab. They both stare at a computer monitor.

End-to-end testing (E2E) of the Workday system for WSU is in full swing. Modernization Team analysts and guest testers from the WSU community have joined forces to examine Workday from top to bottom. They’ll run through more than 3,000 comprehensive test scenarios for all areas including grants management, finance, human resources, and payroll to ensure the data and business processes in the system function as designed and produce the anticipated results. » More …

Testing Workday

Testing Stage Begins

Over the next five months, the Workday system for WSU will be put through its paces as we begin the Test stage.

Testing is an exciting new stage when we’ll examine, refine, and confirm the Workday system. It is the final stage before Training begins.

During this stage, two types of testing will occur, beginning in December 2019 with End-to-End testing, and ending in April 2020 with User Acceptance testing. Both types ensure that the business processes designed and built in previous project stages function properly and serve the business needs of the University at large. » More …