Preparing for User Acceptance Testing  

The Modernization Team is configuring another build of Workday for WSU specifically for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The process used is similar to setting up other testing builds, such as the one used recently for End-to-End (E2E) testing. The new UAT build will include lessons learned from previous builds of Workday, and fixes for defects that testers found in E2E. 

Modernization analysts will verify data for HR and finance processes, such as cost centers, programs, grants, and gifts. Modernization analysts and testers from the WSU community will test this data by performing different tasks found in Workday.

Security Role-to-Position Mapping is another step in the timeline to make sure UAT runs smoothly.

Security roles give people access to the right information in Workday to do their jobs. Each employee will be assigned at least one role. In total, the Modernization Team needs to assign more than 30,000 roles.

Before we push ‘go’ for UAT, the team will double-check the data, scenarios, and business processes to make sure everything is ready for testers.

Keep an eye out for more information regarding UAT in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can view the graphic below to learn more about preparing for testing, as well as the timeline.

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