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Washington State University Workday Wednesday

Workday Tips and Tricks: Updating employee work spaces

In Workday, an employee’s work space indicates the primary lab, office, or room where the employee performs their work. It differs from an employee’s work location, which designates their primary building.

The work space assigned to an employee in Workday can be updated through either the “Change Work Space” or “Change My Work Space” task.  This Knowledge Base article covers two ways to complete the task. Employees, HR Partners, and Managers can update work spaces.

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Preparing for User Acceptance Testing  

The Modernization Team is configuring another build of Workday for WSU specifically for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The process used is similar to setting up other testing builds, such as the one used recently for End-to-End (E2E) testing. The new UAT build will include lessons learned from previous builds of Workday, and fixes for defects that testers found in E2E.  » More …