Wrapping up End-to-End Testing 

End-to-End Testing Nearing Completion

End-to-end testing (E2E) began in December. Since then, Modernization Team analysts and guest testers from the WSU community ran about 3,800 testing scenarios.

These scenarios tested processes found in Workday for areas including finance, payroll, grants, and human resources to make sure all processes were tested before the University transitions in January.

At most universities implementing Workday, community members are not involved in the E2E testing process. However, at WSU about 100 guest testers helped execute test scenarios. These testers provided valuable feedback.

To finish with the E2E phase of testing, Modernization analysts and guest testers had to run all business processes, resolve all outstanding high-severity defects, and have a plan in place to address any remaining medium and low defects.  At the time of this update, there are only 18 total medium and low defects left.

Completing integrations

Final testing on integrations is currently happening.  In fact, we only have 17 integrations left to finish. They are a necessary component because some of the current systems used by WSU will work in tandem with Workday. For example, an integration between AiM/myFacilities and Workday will ensure that invoice information entered in AiM will be automatically transferred into Workday, which will then generate invoices. This information will be used for accounting and reporting.

Coming up next: User Acceptance Testing

The next part of the Test stage, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), will follow E2E starting in July. UAT will run about 300 test scenarios rather than the thousands in E2E.

For example, testers in UAT will test P-card transactions and other processes that are used frequently in the WSU community.

To learn more about the Test stage and to stay up to date on testing activities, follow the Modernization Testing blog series at modernization.wsu.edu/tag/testing.