June reporting updates

Here are modified reports for the month of June. Report Modifications Human Resources CR HCM Employee Snapshot Expected End Date and Actual End Date are now included as columns in this report. These are from the hourly or salary compensation plan for the worker’s position(s). These dates are not returned for other compensation plans (e.g., […]

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Award Analyst role successfully removed from Workday

As reported previously, we completed removing the Award Analyst security role from Workday this week. Why did we remove this role? The Award Analyst security role was assigned at the award header level in Workday to give visibility to all award lines in reports. It had to be assigned to each individual award, which was […]

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Position Budget testing completed

We’ve completed End-to-End testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for position budget in Workday. This wraps up the testing portion of the position budget phase of the project. User Acceptance Testing User Acceptance Testing sessions ran from May 18 through May 20. The 22 testers who participated each ran through 7 scenarios, documenting the results […]

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Updated report for identifying benefits to cover on core funds

Prior to the implementation of Workday at WSU, certain hourly employee benefits paid from core funds (state, indirect cost recovery, and administrative fee and interest funds) were automatically reimbursed from central accounts within the legacy accounting system. When Workday launched, only benefits charged to ledger 5100: Benefits were tagged to be reimbursed from the central […]

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Watch demonstrations of new finance reports on demand

Are you unable to attend a live demo of the new finance reports CR FIN Sources and Uses Summary and CR FIN Plan to Actuals Summary? Did you attend a demo, but want to revisit the information again? You can now find a recording of a demonstration session on Stream, available to view on-demand. Watch it here. […]

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May reporting updates

Here are new and modified reports for the month of May. New Reports CR TTK Timesheets with Validation Errors and Warnings This report will return all time entry calendar validations errors and warnings for the selected Supervisory Organization during the selected period. Particularly, it will report the warnings in place when an employee has not […]

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Budget Activity in Revenue Ledger Accounts

In preparation for the release of the CR FIN Sources and Uses Summary and CR FIN Plan to Actuals Summary reports, the Modernization reporting team received some feedback from stakeholders about budget amendments processed on revenue ledger accounts. The amendments on revenue ledger accounts are reporting in a way that might make a user think […]

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Highly anticipated finance reports coming to Workday

In response to abundant community feedback and requests for a report similar to the legacy Webi Budget Statement, we are excited to announce the coming release of two highly anticipated Workday reports: CR FIN Sources and Uses Summary and CR FIN Plan to Actuals Summary. These reports will be released May 6, 2022. We are […]

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April reporting updates

Here are the reporting updates for the month of April. Report Retirement CR GFT Financial Assignee as Current User Summary This report will be retired on 5/2/2022.  Please use CR GFT Gift Summary to view gift transactions.  To view available spendable balances, please use CR GFT Spendable Summary.  Report Modifications Compensation Profile Menu Based on […]

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New report to support position budgeting

We’ve developed a report to help capture position budget data for your area. The new report allows you to reconcile position-related budgets and expenses until position budgeting is available in Workday in FY23. The new report is called CR FIN Position Budget Bridge Period. It provides an export of Workday data that can be compared […]

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