Enhancements to Performance Review reference guide

We’ve made several enhancements to the Performance Review reference guide and select related resources to make it quicker and easier to work through the process for both Administrative Professional (AP) and Classified staff. The following additions to the Performance Review reference guide are now available: Details on choosing an AP employee’s “overall rating” How to […]

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Upcoming training for Adaptive Planning for university budgets

In anticipation of the upcoming Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Planning Cycle, the Budget Office is offering two training sessions for both new and existing Adaptive Planning users who may want a refresher on the system. These sessions will be offered through Percipio on the following dates: Thursday April 25, from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Tuesday […]

March Adaptive Grants Forecasting training and reminders

Workday Adaptive Grants Forecasting launched for all Grants Managers and Principal Investigators (PIs) on January 10, 2024. Learn more about the development of the tool here. Grants Managers and Principal Investigators (PIs) who have not yet attended live training are encouraged to register for the March 12 session in Percipio. Additionally, users of the Adaptive Grants Forecasting tool […]

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Introducing Quick Tips in Workday

In late Spring, we’re adding Quick Tips to select processes in Workday to help users get the guidance and resources they need without having to leave the system. Quick Tips are in-process help text windows that provide guidance and links to resources specific to a process that can be accessed while completing that process in […]

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March training materials update

Recent changes include expanded information for recording time worked on holidays, new Payment and 1099 guides for Central units, new Employee Types guide, Grants management updates, and a new Faculty Audit report. Here are the new and updated training materials and resources for March: General Finance Create a 1099 Run Create a Corrected 1099 Run […]

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2024 Workday Training & Communications Survey results and roadmap

Employee feedback is critical to our goal of developing helpful and effective Workday training, communications, and support resources for all employees. We’d like to thank the WSU employees who responded to our 2024 Workday Training & Communications Survey, and share some highlights from your responses, along with our roadmap toward putting your input into action. […]

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Tips & Tricks: Three ways to stay informed about Workday

Modernization offers a variety of options for accessing the latest news and updates about Workday to best suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for updates impacting a specific functional area or security role, or are simply curious about what’s new with Workday, explore the following ways to stay informed about Workday features, resources, reports, policies, […]

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February training materials update

Recent changes include a new guide for Telework, updates to the Leave Without Pay process, and the addition of helpful information for delegations, security roles, and grants management. Here are the new and updated training materials and resources for February: General Find The Next Steps in an In-progress Business Process Transaction Request, Approve, and End […]

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Tips & Tricks: Three ways to find Workday reference guides

Workday Reference Guides can be accessed several ways. Whether you’re in search of a specific guide, or are simply browsing what’s available, one of the following platforms can help you find what you’re looking for. The Workday Service Desk If you’re looking for guidance on a specific process, or already know the title of the […]

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A look at Workday training and communications in 2023

Our Workday training, communications, and resources are critical to ensuring our community has the information they need to feel informed, prepared, and empowered to use Workday. The continued improvement of these resources is the primary goal of the Modernization Change and Communications team. In January 2024, we’re launching the Workday Training and Communications Survey. This […]

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