Rollout of enhancements to Workday training materials continues

We’ve begun implementing another series of enhancements to Workday training materials and support resources, including improvements to reference guides and the introduction of Workday Quick Tips. Learn more about what’s new below.

Reference Guides

We’ve applied changes to the look and feel of over 25 reference guides, including updated formatting and layout improvements designed to help guides to be more readable and accessible. To view an example of these changes, visit the Employee Request and Correct Time Off guide. For a complete list of this month’s updated reference guides, see the June Training Materials Update. More guides will be updated throughout the year.

You can learn more about how, why, and when we’re making these improvements to Workday reference guides here.

Workday Quick Tips

Quick Tips are in-process help text windows that provide guidance and links to resources specific to a process that can be accessed while completing that process in Workday. Quick Tips are now live in Workday for the Change Job process.

As part of this process, we’ve simplified and streamlined the Change Job reference guide, moving guidance such as Job Reasons and Descriptions to their own guide to enable this information to be linked directly from their own relevant Quick Tips.

We’re currently working on enabling Quick Tips for the Expense Report, Spend Authorization, and Journals processes. You can keep up to date with processes that have been enabled with Quick Tips on the Quick Tips Functionality Knowledge Base page. We’ll continue to provide updates regarding the implementation of Quick Tips in the Workday Digest.

On-demand training recordings and video resources

As we improve our reference guides, we have also begun work on improving our training videos. You can expect the following changes in the coming months as we enhance our video resources:

  • Some videos moving to a new platform
  • A new, more navigable web page for Workday video resources on the Modernization website
  • Added captioning for videos located in Percipio
  • Updating some older videos to reflect the most current business processes and policies

As of May 30, 2024, some recordings made prior to December 2022 may be temporarily unavailable as we make changes to our video platform.

This is an ongoing project. Look out for further announcements this summer in the Workday Digest.

We strive to develop and improve our Workday training and reference materials to make it easier and faster to find the information employees need. We’re looking forward to the continued implementation of these enhancements to our support materials throughout 2024. Questions or concerns? Reach out at the Workday Service Desk