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Washington State University Modernization

Project Timeline

Recognizing the frailty of our legacy administrative systems and a fiduciary responsibility to ensure continued operation of basic functions foundation to the university, it is recommended that WSU move towards replacement of the administrative systems and processes as quickly as possible.

The following shows the high-level timeline to support our path to success.

Project Timeline

Below, the stages of the Workday implementation project have been broken down, outlining the primary goals and milestones of each phase.

Laying the groundwork

August 2016-Fall 2018

  • August 2016: Listening sessions conducted
  • August 2016: Software Assessment and Requirements Review Group (SARRG) Formed
  • December 2016: Released software as a service RFI
  • January 2017: Initial software demonstrations
  • Fall 2017: RFP for software
  • Fall 2017: Software demonstrations
  • Winter 2018: Independent readiness assessment
  • Spring 2018: RFP for implementation partner
  • Summer 2018: Contracts with Workday and Deloitte executed
  • Summer 2018: Routings & Approvals data collection
  • Summer 2018: Funding model in place
  • Fall 2018: Supervisor ID Data Collected

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Pre-Planning and Planning

August 2018-January 2019

The Pre-Planning stage helped to develop the foundation upon which the rest of the implementation process sits. With your help, and the work of the Modernization Team, these key steps were completed:

  • Gathered feedback and data through Foundational Data Model (FDM) Workshops.
  • Gained a view of the major business processes most likely to change during the implementation of Workday.
  • Confirmed key business processes and determined the scope of the project.
  • Developed and finalized a project plan for the implementation of Workday.
  • Project leadership went to each campus location to kick off the project, celebrating the beginning of the journey in bringing you Workday.

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Architect (we are here)

February 2019- June 2019

The Architect stage will begin a bulk of activities documenting business and integration requirements. This stage will engage with WSU subject matter experts (SME’s) from each area to:

  • Conduct Discovery Workshops and surveys.
  • Explore the ins and outs of business processes, helping gather data leading to the prototype of WSU’s Workday system.

It will also begin the transfer of knowledge between Deloitte, WSU’s implementation partner, and the Modernization Initiative team at WSU, building the foundation for the continued support of Workday after the go-live in July 2020.

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Configure & Prototype

July 2019- November 2019

Using the information gathered in prior stages, a Workday system will be designed and built to suit the needs of our University community, focusing on:

  • Creating and configuring the prototype(s) for Workday at WSU.
  • Engage key stakeholders to help ensure the system is meeting business needs, and collect feedback to further refine the prototypes.
  • Develop a Change Network of WSU community members to help connect the community with information and engagement opportunities, introducing the community to the face of our new system.


December 2019-April 2020

This stage marks the beginning of the end-to-end testing of Workday business processes and integrations, making sure the system meets the business needs of WSU, and is ready to be deployed to end-users for training.


May 2020-June 2020

Workday will become WSU’s new finance and administration system as the University retires AIS, our system of 30+ years, and welcomes Workday. This stage involves:

  • End-user training, where the broader community will learn to use our new system.
  • Prepare to go live July 1st, 2020.
  • Ensure the successful trade-off of systems, and begin using Workday full-time.

Start using Workday!

July 2020

Start using Workday for WSU university-wide.


July 2020 and onward…

After the successful deployment of Workday, the Modernization Team will continue to provide ongoing support and customer service to the WSU community and will continue to hold training sessions, support bi-annual updates of Workday features, and work to continuously improve processes.