New tool for FAQs and training materials 

The new Workday Knowledge Base provides a searchable platform for those with questions about Workday and the Modernization Project. It’s also where you’ll find future training materials like Reference Guides.

The knowledge base is the place to go for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

FAQs are sorted into different categories based on topics, such as information about Workday itself, the future state of WSU with Workday, and the Modernization Project extension. The knowledge base provides multiple ways to find the information you are looking for by using a search bar and grouping items using different labels.

The Crimson Service Desk – WSU’s university-wide self-help database for technology – houses the new Workday knowledge base, providing one place to easily access information about Workday as well as other WSU systems.

The Modernization Team decided to integrate the knowledge base with the Crimson Service Desk because it’s easy to use and to update. Visitors will be able to view step-by-step Reference Guides for processes in Workday along with visuals, including screenshots from the system. You’ll also be able to download printable versions of the guides.

Any questions about the knowledge base? Email them to us at