Resources for Navigating Change

The Change Toolkit

The Modernization Initiative strives to provide support, foster engagement, and promote readiness in areas impacted by the implementation of Workday. With the understanding that major change can bring a unique set of challenges, the Change Management team has developed The Change Toolkit. The Toolkit is pool of resources, materials, and in-person events with the focus of equipping the WSU community with skills to help their colleagues navigate the emotional and interpersonal challenges they may face during the switch to Workday.

Currently, The Change Toolkit is expanding to include a wider range of resources. However, we are able to offer a Change Team-curated list of self-service training sessions available via WSU Skillport.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions surrounding the Toolkit, please do not hesitate to submit your thoughts to

Keep checking back regularly for updates to the Toolkit.