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The Change Network

The Change Network is a community of WSU employees who help the Modernization Team share information and resources, identify obstacles, plan activities, and better serve the WSU community throughout the Workday transition.

The two branches of the Change Network are Super Users and Change Agents. Each of these roles differ in the types of support they provide their areas, defined below.

Do you have questions about the Modernization Initiative or Workday? Contact your area’s Change Agent(s) and Super User(s).

The Change Network is no longer active and the roster is no longer updated. If you have questions about Workday, visit the Workday Service Desk.

Super Users 

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  • Functional Experts
  • Resources
  • Testers

Super Users provide focused support to their peers by serving as functional experts in their area of specialty, focusing on technical and process-oriented subject matter. Due to their advanced knowledge of legacy business processes and systems, Super Users serve as resources to those who may have similar job roles in Workday.

Change Agents

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  • Communicators
  • Liaisons
  • Project Ambassadors

Change Agents serve as liaisons between the Modernization Project Team and their areas, sharing the questions and feedback of their peers with the Modernization Team. They communicate the most recent project updates, news, and points of interest with their peers.

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