Impacted Systems

As a result of the Workday implementation, a number of existing business and administrative systems will be changed or replaced. The list below identifies systems, applications, and a status of their future state.

For a list of forms that we will continue to use with Workday, select here

This list will continue to be updated with additional information throughout the project. Updated: 05/28/2020.

System/ApplicationBusiness Function(s) SupportedFuture State Changes & Impacts
25LiveClassroom Scheduling No impact.
Activity InsightFaculty Performance EvaluationsNo Impact.
Administrative Information System (AIS) modules:
Core HR, Payroll, Finance and Post-award grant administration.Replaced by Workday. AIS will still be available for viewing historical data after Workday has gone live.
Administrative Information System (AIS) modules: CARS, FACILITIES, & MOTORPOOLFleet services and managementTransitioning to AiM/myFacilities.
AiM/myFacilitiesWork Management System (Facilities)Integrated with Workday. Work Order management will continue to be performed in AiM/myFacilities.
BlackboardLearning Management System used for virtual learning and course managementNo Impact.
Budget Planning System (BPS)Budget managementReplaced by Workday. The Budget Office will continue to use BPS for budget planning only.  
Business Objects/WEBIFinancial ReportingReplaced by Workday. The Business Objects data warehouse will continue to exist after the implementation of Workday to allow users access to historical HR, payroll, and financial reporting.
CobblestoneContract managementReplaced by Workday.
Core/OneStepUniversity Receivables' point of sale (POS) system used to process external financial transactionsIntegrated with Workday.
Cougar ManagerTime TrackingReplaced by Workday.
E-Forms SystemTravel Expense Reimbursement (TEV)Replaced by Workday.
E-Forms SystemSponsored Project Activity Request (SPAR)Replaced by Workday.
GenProTime TrackingReplaced by Workday.
ImagingElectronic Document ManagementIntegrated with Workday.
JIRA/ConfluenceProject Management, ServiceDesk ManagementNo Impact.
MyResearchSponsored Project Pre-award ActivitiesProposal/pre-award activities will continue to be managed in MyResearch. All post-award functions and reporting will be performed in Workday. MyResearch will not be integrated with Workday. Workday includes a copy award feature that expedites award setup. We’ve tested this feature, and it saves more time in award setup than integrating the two systems.
myWSUView Employee Paycheck, Tax Forms (W-2, W-4), Setup Travel/AP Direct DepositReplaced by Workday.
myWSU/PeopleSoft Campus SolutionsStudent Information System (SIS) supports admissions, student records, financial aid & scholarships, student accounts, and other related activities. No impact. An integration will exist to bring summarized accounting data from myWSU into Workday.
myWSU/PeopleSoft Campus SolutionsUniversity receivablesOnly grant receivables will be managed in Workday. All other receivables will continue to be managed in myWSU/PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. An integration will exist to bring summarized accounting data from myWSU into Workday.
Paper time and leave, File Maker Pro for time and leave, Excel for time and leaveTracking Time and AbsenceReplaced by Workday.
PaymentNet 4/JP MorganP-Card transactionsReplaced by Workday for transaction reconciliation. Integration will exist to bring transactional data from JP Morgan into Workday.
People Admin/OPDRSRecruiting and Personnel ActionsReplaced by Workday.
People Admin/OPDRSPosition DescriptionsNo impact. Position descriptions will continue to be kept and maintained in People Admin/OPDRS.
Permanent Budget Allocation System (PBAS)Budget ManagementReplaced by Workday.
Personnel/Position/Payroll Electronic Routing Management System (PERMS)Personnel ActionsReplaced by Workday.
SkillsoftLearning Management SystemNo Impact.
Temporary Employment System (TEMPS)Personnel ActionsReplaced by Workday.
TimeClockPlusTime TrackingReplaced by Workday.
When 2 Work Scheduling for temporary hourly employees.Schedules can be loaded into Workday.

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