Role-to-Position Mapping

Workday uses security roles to ensure everyone has appropriate access to data and can perform the tasks they need to in the system. Security roles are how we make sure everyone has the information they need to do their job successfully. They are also one way we protect WSU data.

Workday security roles are assigned to a position. This is different from our current systems, where access to systems or information may be tied to a person rather than to their position. An employee can hold multiple roles in Workday (or wear many hats).

The process of assigning security roles is called role-to-position mapping. The Modernization Team is working with area leadership to map roles to positions in Workday.

We’ll continue to update the Security Roles page with roles and their descriptions as we get closer to launching Workday, so please check back soon.

Watch the video above to learn more about role-to-position mapping.