Mission and Goals

Project Mission

The Modernization Initiative mission is to establish a strong and flexible foundation to support the complex and ever-changing Finance, Payroll and HR business needs of the institution.

Project Goals

Simply Said: Ensure, Embrace, End, Encourage, Engage. 


graphic depicting a person saying "ensure".

Ensure the continuity of university operations. Support will be provided throughout the entire project to ensure operations run smoothly leading up to, and after, Workday goes live. 

  • Significant reduction in the risk associated with continued operation of legacy HR, Payroll and Financial systems.
  • Provide an enterprise system based on modern technology, managed and supported by a vendor, which maintains the system through regular upgrades and enhancements in functionality.
  • Meet regulatory, contractual, and statutory requirements.
  • Integrate essential ancillary systems.


graphic depicting a person saying "embrace".

Embrace modern, scalable, and standardized processes to support growth. As WSU continues to grow, our technology and business processes will be able to grow with us. 

  •  Significant reduction in compliance risk associated with continued operation of legacy HR, Payroll and Financial processes
  • Provide comprehensive functionality that enhances data security, maintains data integrity, and quickly adjusts to changes in Federal, State and local laws and regulations.
  • Provide staff and faculty with the necessary tools and information in order to effectively manage sponsored projects and research related activity.
  • WSU community has the tools, access, training and modern technology to do critical work.
  • Deliver employee self-service portal to access, update, and request changes specific to the individual.
  • Deliver manager self-service portal to access employee information and perform associated electronic transactions.
  • Adopt and apply industry best business practices in higher education.


graphic depicting a person saying "end"

End costly, inefficient, and ineffective processes. We will review current operations and infrastructure to see where we can operate more efficiently. 

  • Minimize paper and paper-based processes across HR, Payroll and Finance. Provide intuitive online workflow accessible and actionable on multiple devices.
  •  Utilize electronic business processes workflow and approval routing to standardize business processes.
  • Leverage delivered functionality as much as possible.


graphic depicting a person saying "encourage"

Encourage data-enabled decision making and budget management. Increased visibility of data will allow for more informed and accurate decision making and planning. 

  • Provide accurate data analytics and metrics to improve the quality of business decisions with reliable and timely dashboards and reports.
  • Implement security with widespread visibility of real-time information.


graphic depicting a person saying "engage".

Engage university members across campuses and units. Opportunities will be provided for the University community to engage and participate in the project. Your input is crucial to the success of the project and of Workday at WSU! 

  • Provide opportunities for key stakeholders and the wider community to engage with the project each step of the way through varying platforms not limited to workshops, change networks, and social media.
  • Keep the community informed by prioritizing transparency and providing regular updates on project activities.
  • Make the Modernization Project accessible for each WSU location through Change Network representatives.