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Workday Training

Who will receive training?

If you will use Workday, even if it’s just to check your earnings statements and update your W4, you will most likely need some form of Workday training. Employees who work in finance and administration, human resources, and payroll oriented positions can expect to receive even more training.

Training will be recommended to employees based on the security roles they are assigned in Workday. For information regarding security roles and role-to-position mapping, visit the Security Roles web page, or watch this short video. 

Not sure where to start? Here are our recommended top trainings for employees and managers.

If you were unable to register for instructor-led training, or want to review a course you attended, you can now browse a selection of on-demand, recorded instructor-led trainings here. 

Note: Training ends November 2020. For more information on dates for training, visit our Project Timeline.


Workday Training Catalog

A complete directory of all available training materials and courses, filterable by security role and functional area.

Workday Knowledge Base

The home of FAQs and self-help articles and Workday Reference Guides: step-by-step documents on how to perform Workday functions.

Workday Service Desk

Can’t find an answer? Submit your Workday questions here.

When will we receive training?

Workday training begins in October 2020, shortly before launch, to keep content fresh in everyone’s minds. Registration for courses is open now.

The bulk of Workday training will take place in fall 2020. It is important to take your recommended training courses during this time period, as some courses will not be offered again until after Workday launches. Informational articles and Reference Guides will always be available.

How will we receive training?

Over 200 training materials will be offered during Workday training.  Understanding the need for diverse and accessible methods for accessing training, delivery methods may differ from module to module, and may include the following:

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training: Remote “virtual” classroom training led by an instructor covering in-depth functional information and complex processes. 
  • Practice Lab: Online training allowing learners to get hands-on experience performing transactions in a practice version of Workday.
  • Micro-Learning: Self-led in-depth courses completed on Skillsoft. Micro-Learnings will cover a wide array of Workday topics and processes and may be repeated as needed. 
  • Reference Guides: Step-by-step guides to completing processes in Workday that will be available at the forthcoming Workday Support Desk. Available to all employees round the clock. 
  • Workday Expert Q&A: Question and answer session dedicated to a specific functional business area and topics.   

Instructor-led courses and practice labs are designed for those who hold specific security roles