Training for updated grant PI dashboard now available on-demand

As of May 17, Dashboard GRA Principal Investigator includes a variety of new worklets to better meet the needs of research faculty. Learn more about these changes here.

Principal Investigators (PIs) may now access the updated dashboard from the Workday Home page under the “Your Tops Apps” menu, or by entering Dashboard GRA Principal Investigator into the Workday search field.

A screenshot of Dashboard GRA Principal Investigator as it appears in the “Your Top Apps” menu.

PIs are encouraged to review a recorded training session that provides guidance on how to use the updated dashboard features. Access the training video in Percipio. A reference guide providing information on how to use the dashboard is also available in the Workday Knowledge Base.

These changes to the dashboard were developed in collaboration with the Grants Reporting Workgroup and grant Principal Investigators from a variety of colleges across WSU. The Grants team would like to thank those who contributed to the development of these improvements.

Questions or concerns regarding changes to the PI Dashboard may be submitted to the Workday Service Desk.