New cost center hierarchy: HelioCampus

We’ve created a new cost center hierarchy to help map our data for HelioCampus. HelioCampus helps colleges and universities measure and evaluate their effectiveness in fulfilling their mission by connecting investments with financial and student learning outcomes. Adding the new hierarchy, CCXnnnn Washington State University HelioCampus Reporting, is a key step as we onboard with […]

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Issue Resolved: Time blocks overrides not functioning to pay student employees from multiple sources

Known Issue: The process to pay hourly employees with different funding sources in Workday was not working as expected, so these employees have been paid from their costing allocation funding source instead. We recommend following the guidance in this matrix to ensure that hourly employees with different funding sources are being paid from the right one. Estimated Time […]

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Choosing compatible worktags in Workday

Certain Funds and Functions in Workday shouldn’t be used together because of state accounting rules. This Friday, October 1, we’re updating Workday to prevent incompatible worktag combinations from being assigned to business process transactions.

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Clarifying how certain transactions route for approval

We want to clarify details about routing some transactions for approvals: When an initiator on a transaction that uses two worktags is also the only manager for approving the transaction on at least one of the worktags, the approval routes to both of the Area Finance Officers (AFOs) connected to the worktags. This information isn’t […]

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New process coming for Workday ITD corrections

If you haven’t had a chance yet to review financial data converted from legacy systems to Workday, now is a great opportunity to do so and still get the Modernization Team’s direct help with making any corrections. Common things to watch for include accounts being in the wrong cost center or missing a program.

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Presenting the Foundation Data Model

With the implementation of Workday starting in July 2020, Washington State University’s previous Chart of Accounts will become the Foundation Data Model, or FDM. The FDM is the structure for transaction processing and reporting for Workday. The new model makes it easier to view financial and human resources data, all in real-time.

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Modernization collects information in preparation for Workday

Over the last two months, the Modernization Team has been working with key University stakeholders to collect data, document existing financial, human resource and payroll processes, and began preliminary efforts to capture financial and operational management reporting needs across the institution. 

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