Workday Success Stories: Workday makes planning easier for WSU departments

From daily tasks to important annual events, Workday enables departments to more easily plan for and conduct activities across all functional areas. Since the launch of Workday, WSU staff and the Modernization team have worked together to determine timelines for Finance and HCM events that occur on a monthly, semester, or yearly basis. Through integrated […]

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Emotional intelligence at work

When it comes to professional development, many work cultures place emphasis on advancing employees’ rational intelligence and technical skills. Practical and rational skill development is key to ensuring employees excel at their jobs and drives technical innovation in the workplace. However, leaders in business and higher education agree that another key type of intelligence is […]

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Known Issue: Workday may populate false warning popups

Known Issue: Some users may experience random warning popups with no related error text, persisting until the affected tab is closed and reloaded. Time to resolution: Expected to be resolved by Monday, September 25. Details: Modernization is aware of an issue affecting Workday users wherein yellow warning popups appear while performing regular tasks. These popups […]

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Elevating Cougs for departmental grants staff and PIs: at a glance

Departmental grants administration staff are essential to ensuring the accurate and timely management of millions of grant dollars awarded each year to WSU researchers. Staff and faculty holding roles including Grant Manager and Principal Investigator (PIs) perform a variety of grants-related tasks in Workday including: Costing Allocations Effort Certification Approving transactions and accounting adjustments Using […]

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Enhancement to PCard approval process

Modernization and the Central Payments team have collaborated to enhance the approval process for purchases on university PCards.   Beginning September 7, a new secondary approval step will be added for purchases made by cardholders who are also financial approvers. These approvals will now be routed to the cardholder’s Area Finance Officer for review, to […]

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New Expenses Hub makes managing expense tasks easier

Beginning Sept. 9, a new Expenses Hub centralizes expense tasks and reports to help employees address pending expense actions quickly and easily. From the Expenses Hub, employees can access tasks to create expense reports and spend authorizations, as well as view and edit their travel-related payment elections. The new hub displays certain cards when payees […]

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New grants integration provides more accurate available balance information

With support from the Grants Reporting Workgroup, Modernization has created a new integration that posts a nightly update to the obligations ledger, automatically encumbering the available balance in object 14 Award Restrictions. These are funds that are held in a restricted category either because they are going to be awarded to a subrecipient, or because […]

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September reporting updates

Human Resources CR ACA Tenured Faculty This report is now available and provides details for faculty who have successfully achieved tenured status. CR ACA Emerit Faculty This report is now available and provides details for retired faculty who are granted emeritus status. CR HCM Employee Snapshot  Vesting Date has been added to this report. Please […]

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New tools for Time Approvers

Beginning September 9, new tools for Time Approvers to review, edit, and approve employee time will be available in Workday. Within the Time and Scheduling Hub, Time Approvers may select the Edit and Approve Time tool which allows them to see unsubmitted and submitted time, easily submit time on behalf of an employee, and see […]

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