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Tips & Tricks: Time Entry, Absence, and Work Schedule calendars

Within Workday Time, Leave, and Absence, three different calendars are available to overtime eligible employees to perform different tasks.

  • Time Entry calendar for entering and submitting time worked and time off*.
  • Work Schedule calendar for reviewing work schedules and requested and approved absences. Note: while you can see absences on this schedule, you cannot edit them from this calendar.
  • Absence calendar for reviewing any requested and/or approved time off or leaves of absence*.

Learn more about how to access and use each of these calendars in this Reference Guide. » More …

Explore new and updated Travel and Expenses resources

We’ve updated a broad range of Travel and Expenses resources to ensure their accuracy and ease of use, and created several new resources to provide further guidance on completing key processes.

Check out the updated travel Reference Guides, explore a new handout to help you get started completing a Travel Expense Report, and watch the new video series about adding line items to an Expense Report.

Questions about Travel and Expenses? Reach out to the Payments Team at the Workday Service Desk.

Updates to Travel Reference Guides

After receiving feedback from the community, we’ve updated the Reference Guides for several Travel and Expense processes to ensure their accuracy and ease of use. Specifically, there are detailed steps on how to complete specific expenses items (e.g., air transportation. per diem, lodging, etc.) and new reports to support Central Travel Account Card (CTA) reconciliation.

» More …

Update to lodging exception list

We have updated Lodging Exceptions for ease of selection within the Travel Expense Report. In order to better align with the BPPM, the numbers corresponding with each selection have been removed, and a comprehensive definition of each selection has been added. You can view the new definitions in Workday, and in the screenshot below. » More …

New Search Options for Grants Users

Grants users have typically had to set their search preferences to All of Workday in order to see grant /award results, which can increase time spent performing searches, and can be frustrating.

Following the Feature Release on September 10-11, grants users can find all search results related to Grants Management in the Grants category when they use global search. » More …

Workday Tips & Tricks: View More Processes

“I’ve found (View More Processes) very helpful to be able to review processes that I don’t initiate frequently to remind myself of what I did previously, to find specific actions that are related to current ones that are still in progress and to remind myself of when certain tasks were initiated/completed. Plus, it’s an amazing reminder of just how much we’ve each accomplished in Workday since 12/16/20!” –Sara Rauch, WSU Workday User » More …

New time clock validation will help prevent duplicate check-ins

A new validation step to assist time-clock employees in preventing unintentional check-ins or duplicate time blocks will be implemented with the upcoming Workday Feature Release.

Beginning September 11, 2021, employees will be prompted to validate additional attempts to check in to their shift after they have checked in once. To continue and complete a duplicate check in, the employee must select a box acknowledging that they have already checked in. » More …