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Updates to Global Navigation display

An upcoming update to the Global Navigation display makes it easier to find and access some features and menus on the Workday home page.  Starting September 10, the Global Navigation icon, located in the upper left-hand corner of the Workday home page, will now feature the word “Menu” to help users locate the icon and […]

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New Workday homepage interface and search functionality live since August 11

Workday Today launched on Thursday, August 11. When logging into Workday, WSU employees now see an updated home page interface, along with configurable search functionality, designed to help them get to their important tasks faster. To help you get the hang of Workday Today’s new features and functionality, the following resources are available: Reference guides: […]

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Get a first look at Workday Today and learn about how it works

We’ve created a set of new resources for WSU employees to get a first look at the new Workday Today home page, features, and search functionality: A presentation you can download and share, with information about what’s changing, how Workday Today looks and feels, and timeline details A new video tour of the Workday Today […]

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Workday Today launching August 11

On August 11, 2022, WSU will make the switch to Workday Today. Workday Today is a collection of updates to how information is displayed and organized on the home page, as well as how you can search for things in Workday. It’s designed to help streamline your home page and search capabilities to help you […]

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Workday Today coming soon

Beginning in a couple months, WSU will start using Workday Today, a collection of updates to how information is displayed and organized. This will impact the layout of the home page, as well as how search results show up. Workday Today is designed to make navigation easier and help you organize and complete your tasks. […]

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Workday Today implementation postponed

Workday recently announced that institutions are no longer required to implement Workday Today, a new home page interface, on or before March of 2022. Following this decision, WSU has opted to postpone our adoption of Workday Today, originally scheduled for February 2022, until further notice. We will revisit our timeline for adopting Workday Today when […]

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