Workday Today launching August 11

On August 11, 2022, WSU will make the switch to Workday Today.

Workday Today is a collection of updates to how information is displayed and organized on the home page, as well as how you can search for things in Workday. It’s designed to help streamline your home page and search capabilities to help you get to your tasks faster.

The new home page interface and search functionalities will look and feel different from today’s. You can expect the following major changes:

  • A new home page layout with changes to the location of apps and the addition of several new sections, including Timely Reminders and Awaiting Your Action
  • Updates to the Workday search functionality that allow you to more easily sort your search results by topic
  • New WSU branding on the Workday home page

We will continue to provide updates about the implementation of Workday Today in the Workday Digest and on the new Workday Today web page.

If you have questions or concerns about Workday Today, reach out at the Workday Service Desk.