Improved home page experience for managers

The September Feature Release includes improvements to the manager experience on the Workday home page. Additional contextual information for managers will be displayed, providing more insight on areas that matter most. These areas include Important Dates, Team Highlights, Quick Actions, and identifying manager user type.

Learn more about these improvements below:

New Team Insights Card

Workday will display information on a Manager’s home page using the new Team Highlights section so that they can:

  • Quickly preview 4 of their direct reports on the team with the option to view a total of 8.
    • Employees are sorted alphabetically by their first name
  • Effortlessly navigate to an employee’s profile.
  • Quickly view the org chart.

Awaiting Your Action Card – New Quick Review & Approve Time Off from Home Page

A new Quick Review button enables managers to effortlessly review and take action on select transactions. They can now complete their tasks, review items that need approval, and initiate transactions directly in context of the home page.

Currently, Quick Review only shows the date and total hours requested and does not show details such as the start and end times or any comments entered by the employee. If this detail is needed, please use your usual approval method to ensure you have all information needed to approve.

Managers have the option to approve the request in the MyTasks inbox or stay on the home page.

Quick Review displays in the Awaiting Your Action section for managers to review and approve these transactions:

  • Time Off (Initiation and Correction).
  • Leave of Absence (Initiation and Return to work).

Important Dates

With this release, Workday makes it easier for managers to oversee their teams by displaying a summary of upcoming events related to their teams under a new Important Dates section on the home page. This new section includes key dates such as anniversaries and time offs for employees, as well as  holidays (e.g. Labor Day).

This update is part of the September Feature Release. You can learn more about Feature Releases and what to expect by visiting the Feature Release Hub on the Modernization website.