Enhancements to MyTasks expands organizational capabilities

Beginning September 9, MyTasks will receive several new features to help employees find and organize their tasks more easily and efficiently. These updates include an automated refresh feature, assignment parameters, and date display options. Learn more about each new feature below.

Automated refresh

A new automated refresh feature removes tasks from users’ view once completed, and adds any new tasks it finds at the time of the refresh.

New assignment parameters

New assignment parameters in the Advanced Search panel quickly locates tasks that are assigned or delegated only to the user, and filters out tasks assigned to multiple people.

A new assignment prompt in the Advanced Search Parameters section helps filter task views in 3 ways:

  • Assigned Only to Me
  • Assigned to Multiple People
  • Delegated to Me

Additional date view options

New date views available in the Display Options sorting button enables users to view the dates they received a task as Absolute Dates, or Relative Dates.

Relative Dates provide a view of both the date a task was received, as well as the current date. By selecting this option, tasks will be display with the date as in the following example:  “Today is September 20, 2023 and you received a task on September 14, 2023.”

The Absolute Date option only displays the date the task was received, or, for example, “09/14/2023.”

This update is part of the September Feature Release. You can learn more about Feature Releases and what to expect by visiting the Feature Release Hub on the Modernization website.