New receipt scanning feature in Workday Mobile

An upcoming receipt scanning feature in Workday Mobile will make the process of adding receipts to expense reports quicker and easier.

Beginning September 10, WSU employees will use a new OCR, or Optical Character Recognition tool, to photograph or upload legible images of receipts to Workday using the mobile app.

This new technology scans the receipt and auto-fills the following information in Workday:

  • Transaction dates
  • Transaction amounts
  • Merchant information

Employees may then verify the auto-filled information, and provide expense item information using Workday Mobile, or in a browser.

Receipts may be scanned and uploaded to Workday Mobile with OCR while employees are in travel status, or following their trip. Employees can then access their receipts as needed when completing expense reports.

View a reference guide with step-by-step guidance for using this new feature here.

This new feature is part of the upcoming September Feature Release. You can learn more about other new features and updates on the Workday Feature Release Hub.