Adaptive Planning project in phase 2

Adaptive Planning is a budget tracking and planning tool that integrates with Workday, helping to forecast budget models and make smarter decisions based on real-time data.

The first phase of Adaptive Planning included the launch of Position Budget. You can read more about Position Budget, and find training and resources, here.

Phase 2 of the Adaptive Planning project began this July. During this phase, project team members from WSU and the consulting firm Deloitte will begin using Adaptive Planning internally, to further prepare and test the tool for broader university use. We’ve just connected Workday with Adaptive Planning to begin this process.

One key next step is to bring WSU’s Foundation Data Model (FDM) worktags into the Adaptive Planning platform. In Adaptive Planning, worktags are called “dimensions.”

We’ll provide resources and updates on how Adaptive Planning works, and how to use it, as the project continues.

We plan to launch Adaptive Planning for WSU in early 2023. You can learn more about the project timeline and activities by visiting the Adaptive Planning Project website.

Questions? Reach out at the Workday Service Desk.