Access reference guides and training directly from Workday with new app

We’re excited to launch a new app in Workday called Helpful Links to Reference Guides & Resources. This new app makes it quick and easy for users to access key reference guides, training materials, and other resources directly from Workday.

The app contains direct links to:

  • Workday Service Desk and Knowledge Base
  • Important training pages on the Modernization website including Workday for Employees, Workday for HR, and Workday for Finance
  • The Latest News page and Elevating Cougs conference web pages on the Modernization site

Resources accessed from the app open in new browser tabs, letting users get back to their tasks within Workday more quickly.

Helpful Links to Reference Guides & Resources can be found in the Global Navigation menu in the upper left-hand corner of the Workday Home page. It can also be added to the Your Top Apps section of the home page by following the “Remove or Edit the Order of an App in the Menu” instructions in this reference guide.

Questions? Reach out at the Workday Service Desk.