New Workday home page card notifies employees of unsubmitted time

Employees who have entered, but not submitted, time on their time entry calendars will now receive a reminder to submit their time via a new card on the Workday home page.

In the Timely Suggestions section of an employee’s home page, the Unsubmitted Time card will appear when an employee has entered time on their Time Entry Calendar and have not submitted that time for approval.

This card assists employees in remembering to submit their time each week, and may alert them to time in the past that has been left in an unsubmitted status, including time blocks that have been denied or sent back. Employees may select “My Time” on the card to access their time entry calendar and submit their time.

Employees who are unaware of unsubmitted time but are still seeing this card on their home page should contact their HR Partner or Timekeeper for assistance in locating their unsubmitted time.