September reporting update

Here are the reporting updates for the month of September.

Human Resources

  • CR COM Positions Missing Compensation
    • This new report helps departments find employees who may not be paid by identifying positions missing current compensation plan assignments. Current Period Activity Pay assignments are also included in the report, to help identify those employees missing compensation that will still be paid due to assigned PAP.
    • This report is available through Constrained Proxy. Information regarding Constrained Proxy and instructions for requesting it can be found here.  
  • CR TTK Hourly Employee Hours and Time Off Summary
    • We updated this report to properly reflect terminated and work study employees. The report now accurately reflects the estimated cost when rate of pay was changed.


  • CR GRA Award Cost Reimbursable Billing Summary
    • We’ve limited this report to awards with a Billing Method of ‘Transaction’. Awards with any other Billing Method will not be returned.
  • CR PRO Find Suppliers
    • We’ve added a column to this report showing supplier attachments.
  • CR PRO Find Purchase Order Line and Line Splits for Organization 
    • We’ve updated this report for consistency with accounting worktag prompts found on other financial reports. Instead of prompting for Organization and Worktags, the report now prompts for:
      • Cost Center
      • Cost Center Hierarchy
      • Fund
      • Function
      • Region
      • Gift
      • Grant
      • Project
      • Alt Reporting
      • Assignee
      • Extension Reporting
    • The name of the report is now CR PRO Find Purchase Order Line and Line Splits, reflecting these prompt changes.
  • The following reports now include columns for the supplier, contract start date, and contract end date:
    • CR PRO Supplier Contracts Good Lines
    • CR PRO Supplier Contracts Service Lines


  • CR GRA Award Cost Reimbursable Billing Summary
    • We’ve added a column for position restriction’s employee type.
  • CR PAY Payroll Accounting Journal Details – In Progress Payroll (aka PEARS)
    • We’ve added a column for the position restriction’s employee type.

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