Tax improvement projects begin this summer

A series of 3 tax improvement projects are coming up, improving how taxes are handled in Workday. These projects will simplify many processes involving taxes, including how they’re calculated and reported.

The following updates will launch in Workday in late 2023:

  • Tax 2.0, a series of improvements to how taxes are calculated in Workday
  • A new Workday-delivered process for Tax Form 1099
  • The introduction of a new level for determining how taxes are applied to a purchase apart from spend category, called “purchase items”

Activities related to Tax Improvement projects are currently delayed to allow participating community members to complete fiscal year-end duties. When work on the projects continues in summer 2022, we’ll provide updates about what’s changing, as well as training opportunities, on the Tax Improvement Projects webpage, and in the Workday Digest.

Questions? Submit a ticket at the Workday Service Desk.