Workday Today implementation postponed

Workday recently announced that institutions are no longer required to implement Workday Today, a new home page interface, on or before March of 2022. Following this decision, WSU has opted to postpone our adoption of Workday Today, originally scheduled for February 2022, until further notice. We will revisit our timeline for adopting Workday Today when Workday determines the update to be mandatory for all institutions.

After reviewing the features of Workday Today, and considering the other challenges we’re tackling together, we determined that implementing the new home page interface at this stage might make using Workday harder, and hinder the efforts of our community to learn our new system. Postponing Workday Today for WSU will allow us to continue to master Workday as designed for our institution.

While we can’t opt out of all Workday-mandated updates, we carefully consider updates that are optional. We know that change is hard; we want to adopt as few changes that may cause undue burden on our community as possible. The postponement of Workday Today is a great example of diverting an optional Workday update that might not benefit our community right now.

If you have questions or concerns, reach out at the Workday Service Desk. We value your feedback!