Issue Resolved: Searching for programs in Workday

Known Issue: Search functionality for Programs and Program Hierarchies is working as designed.

Estimated Time to Resolution: Resolved.

Details: Based on the latest Feature Release, searches for Programs and Program Hierarchies will no longer auto-fill in the search results like other worktags.

You can still search for a program by following the suggestions below-

-Enter “Program:” in the search field before typing the Program name. For example, Program: PG123456.
-Enter the Program or Program Hierarchy number in the search field. When it returns 0 results, scroll down and select “All of Workday.” This will give you typical search results.
-To update your search preferences to default to the “All of Workday” category, see Updating your default search setting reference guide.

Workday is an ever-evolving system and global updates are made to all Workday clients, including WSU.